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Streamline Production with Fashion Tech Pack Designer

Transforming your fashion dreams into reality should be seamless, not stressful. Meet Urban Purple, your expert tech pack designer and partner in crafting flawless fashion tech packs. We empower clothing brands to bridge the gap between design and production. Our team consists of not just designers, but also tech pack designers, pattern makers, and spec technicians. With our expertise, we translate your vision into clear, detailed documents, ensuring your clothing is made exactly as you imagined. This focus on creating fashion tech packs leads to faster turnaround times, reduced costs, and a smoother experience for your brand.

Our support is tailored for both custom and generic styles. Provide fashion sketches or reference images for guidance – we'll take it from there. Our tech pack designer collaborates with you until the sampling process is complete. Consult with us for custom fashion product specifications, especially for original creative outfits. Contact us through our form for fashion technical design consulting services. Use our contact form, and we'll get in touch with you promptly to discuss your project.

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Why Manufacturers Ask for Fashion Tech Packs

A single error can result in substantial losses in apparel production. Minimize risks with a comprehensive garment technical design documents, reducing the likelihood of errors. Throughout tech pack preparation, we ensure constant client communication at every step. A product -specific designer prepares the fashion sketches and sends it for approval. Fashion drawings undergo continuous improvement until both the technical designer and client align. Our process is popular among startups. Creating garment technical specifications for fashion startups demands patience and dedication. This is unlike established apparel brands as they are familiar with the process.

Clothing manufacturers prioritize a well-constructed design document for efficient production and cost control. A comprehensive technical design provides a clear, realistic vision of your collection. As a fashion design company we ensure a smooth production process. Our top-notch tech pack design services ensure manufacturers get precisely what they need. Whether you have a custom design or generic styles, you need a custom tech pack maker to convert your ideas into factory-ready tech packs. And a team of expert tech pack designer and pattern maker is always better than a freelancer. Choice is yours.

How Tech Pack Design Services Help Streamline Production

Fashion tech pack is a crucial tool, reducing time and effort in garment production. It acts as a comprehensive document. It streamline manufacturing process by aligning with precise style requirements. Tech sheet guarantees inclusion of all necessary specifications, fostering clear communication with manufacturers. A well-constructed technical package reduces errors and confusion in production. And it saves production timing and prevent costly mistakes.

So as a fashion startup investing in garment technical design documents save valuable time and money. Partnering with an experienced garment specification specialist at Urban Purple provides numerous benefits. Opt for garment technical specifications design services for designers with us for a smooth manufacturing.

We bring expertise to create a customized tech pack tailored to your specific style. Our knowledge of garment production guarantees the inclusion of all essential elements in the technical design we create. Our tech pack designers effortlessly incorporate systematic construction details into your style concept. And this way we help optimizing the manufacturing process and saving you time and costs.

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Tech Pack Service

Starting with Our Tech Pack Services : A Quick Guide

Start our tech pack services by sharing your vision with us. Share your vision through fashion sketches or reference images aligned with your concept. Fashion technical design specialists transform your ideas into fashion flats with precision. We iterate until we align with your inspiration, ensuring we're on the same page. Upon your approval and confirmation, we initiate the tech pack design process.

We believe in two way communication process. We advise clients to actively participate in our fashion product specifications consulting services. This helps our client understand what it takes to create a technical package from scratch. Also, it helps understand our client’s vision and overcome hurdles. Our technical designers team up with you and offer you optimal for your collection. Connect with us on WhatsApp for convenient communication at any time. Don't hesitate; connect with us now.

Choose our tech pack services for assured success in your apparel production journey. We support creating technical design documents for startups, bringing creative visions to life. Our fashion tech pack services for designers and brands is second to none in the world. And we are excited to partner with you with our design expertise. We're thrilled about the opportunity to work with you and contribute to your success. Take the first step towards satisfaction. Connect with us to share your thoughts. And enjoy the tech pack services that exceed expectations.

Tech Pack Service Rates

Style Details Price
Generic Styles(Tees, Shorts, skirts etc.) $70 USD / Style
Custom Design Based on Illustration ( Generic ) $85 USD / Style
Designer Wear/Fresh Inventions ( Dresses / Jackets) $ 110 USD / Style
Lingerie / Intimate wear Styles $ 140 USD/ Style
Graphic Design Artwork for T-Shirts and Tops $ 70 / Artwork
Accessories ( Bags / Gloves / Shoes ) $ 110 / Style
Logo Design & Branding (Tags / Label / Wash Care) $ 200 / Brand
ClO3D Generic Designs $110 USD / Style
ClO3D Designer Wear $150 USD / Style

Custom Tech Pack Quote Estimation Process

We carefully craft our quotes for Tech Pack Services, taking into account various factors such as the timeline, market rates, and other crucial elements. Our quote not only covers the fee of tech pack designer but also includes the essential supportneeded for designing tech pack and spec sheets. This includes services like pattern-making and garment spec technicians. We've calculated all these costs to offer a fair price that ensures our clients and designers working with us are comfortable and happy.

We provide complete package in a tech pack that includes everyting including 3 Color Options and the 6 Sizes in the garment measurement spec sheet. We do not take any half done work from other designers or provide half done job from our end.

Apart from this our design and tech pack making process is quite transperant. We believe in two way communication and love to involve our clients with their comments and feedback all the time during the design process. For the detailed process and procedure please go through the Tech Pack Consulting process documentation below.

What Includes in a Fashion Tech Pack

  • Fashion Illustration – Fashion Sketches/Fashion Flats(Front View - Back View)
  • Color Combo - Color Options for the style (Based on Client Request)
  • Stitching and Garment Construction Details (Both Front and Back Side of Garment)
  • Graphic / Print Detailing Including Pantone Color (Based on Client Request)
  • Embroidery / Appliqué / Other Embellishment Detailing (Based on Client Request)
  • Washing Detailing ( Wash Care and Other Washing - Ironing and Care Instructions)
  • Trims and Packaging Detailing (Based on Client Request)
  • Branding and Brand Identity
  • Graphical Measurement Guideline with Spec-Sheet Pointers.
  • Graded Measurement Spec Sheet and Size Gradation (Based on Client Request)

Tech Pack Consulting Process

As a fashion design company, we believe in the process and try to stick to it religiously. Our fashion tech pack consulting services helps clients achieve desired result by a smooth production run. To streamline this process, all our tech pack designers adhere to the following steps.

  • We request clients to share style ideas through fashion sketches or reference images, simplifying communication with our product specification designers.
  • Fashion tech pack services for designers and brands starts once we agreed upon the style details.
  • We create technical fashion drawings and fashion flats, submit them to the client based on their input.
  • After submitting the Fashion sketches, clients provide comments. Iterations continue until both the tech pack designer and client are aligned.
  • Clients are expected to provide necessary color/fabric preferences and other details essential for tech pack creation.
  • We create visual concepts, technical sketches for clients review. Once we get a go ahead from our clients we proceed with tech pack development.
  • Make necessary changes during fashion design sketches confirmation; adjustments become challenging once the tech pack process starts, potentially necessitating a restart.
  • The design starts once we receive the advance payment from the client as agreed during discussion.
  • We notify the client upon completion of the technical design documents and deliver them upon receipt of the final payment.
  • We provide complimentary support for our tech pack design services for up to one year, addressing any associated needs.
  • We prefer to work in close collaboration with our clients, pattern makers, and our team members.

Urban Purple's designers excel in conceptualizing ideas and crafting them into garment specification packs. Transform your apparel production journey with our unmatched fashion technical design services. Our team at Urban Purple guarantees seamless product specification design and efficient patterns. Our committed tech pack designers guarantee precision. And they ease a streamlined production process with minimal hiccups. Visit our garment specification design template store for pre-made options. Explore a variety of fashion design templates, and choose that match your need. Download the tech pack templates and you are all set to move to production. Use the tech pack templates with your custom need. This need minimal instructions for your customization. For Custom fashion technical design, connect with our garment specification specialists. Choose excellence; choose Urban Purple for a fashion-forward future.

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