Get a Quote for Tech Pack Design Service

Please get in touch with us through our contact form to get a quote for Tech Pack Design Service with standardize rate. We offer most competitive rate based on hourly rate and design complication. However, you may get a rough quote by sending your sketches to us.just drop us a mail through our Contact Form With your brief requirement.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Style Required is 3 Styles
  • 50% Payment in Advance & Remaining 50% Once Tech Packs and Line Sheets are Created and Before Vectors are Sent to Client for Complete Collection Design and Tech Packs.
  • Client Must Provide Every Possible Information Along with Sketches / Image Inspiration to Prepare the Base Flat Sketch
  • We Snaps of the design in JPEG format to client for comments and further changes or modification within 7 days of Starting the project
  • Client May ask for 2 Round Changes or Modification of the Styles and Give the Comments for the styles once the flat is submitted and befor we begin Tech Pack Development.
  • Tech Pack Development will start once the client approves the flat sketches submitted for each of the styles.
  • All the Vectors of the designs including the Measurement spec-sheet will be submitted after the final payment of all the designs is made.
  • Any changes after the Tech Pack is Created or Finished will be Chargeable.
  • Once the Design flat is done the client has to give unique name to the Styles for easy reference.
  • We Accept Payment Through PayPal, Wire Transfer. Client Must ask for a PayPal / Wire Transfer Invoice for Apparel Design and Tech Pack Service they Want us to Execute.

Working Procedure

Process From Style Development till Apparel Production and Shipping for Your Package
  • To Begin the Process We need Your Style Sketches and Detailing to Understand, Analyze and Do a Feasibility Study and This you can provide us by using the Style Detailing Sheet.
  • We need detail input from client along with sketches to proceed with tech pack design. You can use our Style Detailing Sheet to give detailing.
  • We Prepare the Flat Sketch from Sketches / Inspiration images for approval.
  • Once Flat Sketch is Confirmed, Our Clothing Designer starts Tech Pack Design
  • Please Provide Base Measurement for developing Detailed Measurement Spec Sheet.


All prices are quoted in good faith and subject to change based on client’s specific needs. Prior to work starting all projects will have written quotes and contracts. Work that exceeds printed project quote will be billed at the $18/per hourly rate.

We request you to send your sketches to us and take a consultation from our Clothing Designer before you are actually committing a deal. Although we have almost all capabilities that can prepare technical specification from your sketches but in certain rare situation vision that you have might not be so feasible while doing product development and production. So If you can send your sketches and ideas to our designers we can do a proper analysis and give our feedback to you. We do not want to have any confusion and for us relationship building is Important. If there is anything that is not possible from our end we would rather say no to you than disappointing you after your financial commitments. Kindly go through all documents given and terms that we have before committing a business with us. We value your business relationship and would love to have a long term business relation beginning from here on.