How to Give Your Style Idea a Shape

How to Give Your Style Idea a Shape for Clothing Manufacturer


Giving shape to your style idea is key. I am glad you are here reading this article. Because I know after this your ideas will have a meaningful shape to the technical designer. If you can explain your ideas to a tech pack designer, things gets much easier. For a start up It takes a lot of effort to process any style idea in an organized way. Most get confused for one question that “What it take to start my clothing brand?” This is the common query new fashion label seek to understand. Most clients seek to know what to do to get going. To make this simple for our clients and all potential customers here are some of the tips. You may also refer to clothing tech pack design for more details about what is a tech pack and its use.


Step – 1: Know your styles you want to design/produce for your collection.


When you want to start your brand you must have some idea/images that you have visualized in your mind. This you want to convey to a clothing designer/manufacturer. But most clients struggle to do so as they do not know how they should convey this to the designer. Here is the way you should finalize your style. Create a List of Styles you want to add to your collection. For Example


  • T-Shirt – 2 style
  • Hoody – 1 style
  • Sweat Shirt – 1 style
  • Tank top – 1 style

Step – 2


Create one folder for each of your styles. For Example, if you have 5 styles to prepare then create 5 folders in your PC / Laptop and Name them with the same name as the design name. Give a unique name to your style and name the folder with the Style Name.

Style idea Explanation

Step – 3


Do an Image search in google for each of the styles. Create separate folder for each design and put images similar to style that you want to design. Preferably name the folders after the styles you have thought of getting fresh design. This will help the tech pack designer understand what you are looking for from that particular style. 


Step – 4


Create a word document and add your comment for this design with points and give your own customization needs for the style. In the comment, You should mention the following details. You can download and use this word file to create a word document as per your style details. Insert the images kept in the folder and shape them to keep within the Table Columns as shown in the picture. This you can do by clicking the image and dragging from the corner of the image to shape it. Once You are done the page should look like this.



  • Fabrics to be used.
  • Color combo
  • Base Measurement ( Length / Chest Measurement )


This will clarify every detail that a clothing designer needs to know and can further proceed with design and tech pack development. Repeat the Step – 1 to Step – 4 for every design you want to go ahead with.


Step – 5


Add your thoughts about how you want your logo should be. You are all set with all the above steps. Finally, Review your styles and you are ready to touch base with tech pack designer. Send those files not in one go rather in 5 different emails with subject as the garment name details. This will make clear to the tech pack designer.


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