Frequently Asked Questions ( F A Q)

1. How many rounds of design change/adjustments are included in your quote?

We make 2 round of design change . However, This is done at the time when you approve the flat sketch. Once the flat sketch is approved we proceed with the tech pack development. The Adjustment is included in the quote itself. We give the quote for a complete tech pack of the style.

2. Are you coming with fabric/textile suggestions? 

Tech Pack Includes the fabric suggestions with the blending and construction details .

3. Logo design? Are you capable of developing this one?

If you are going for a complete Collection we will provide with the complete Branding and Logo design with it . The Branding comprises of Hang Tag , Label, Price Tag, Wash Care label, and other Labels .

4. Payment terms?

Here are the payment term and other terms.
100% Payment in Advance for Base & Line-Sheet Collection
50% Payment in Advance & Remaining 50% Once the Tech Packs and Line Sheets are Created and Before the Vectors are Sent to Client for Complete Collection Design and Tech Packs.
Client Must Provide Every Possible Information Along with Sketches / Image Inspiration to Prepare the Base Flat Sketch
We Snaps of the design in JPEG format to client for comments and further changes or modification within 7 days of Starting the project
Client May asks for 2 Round Changes or Modification of the Styles and Give the Comments for the styles once the flat is submitted and before we begin Tech Pack Development.
Tech Pack Development will start once the client approves the flat sketches submitted for each of the styles.
All the Vectors of the designs including the Measurement spec-sheet will be submitted after the final payment of all the designs is made.
Any changes after the Tech Pack is Created or Finished will be Chargeable.
Once the Design flat is done the client has to give a unique name to the Styles for easy reference.
We Accept Payment Through PayPal, Wire Transfer. Client Must ask for a PayPal / Wire Transfer Invoice for Apparel Design and Tech Pack Service they Want us to Execute.

What type of garments your company produces?


What are the services your company offer ?

We offer the following services .

  • Apparel Design
  • Tech Pack Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Print and Textile Design
  • Pattern Design
  • Sample Development
  • Clothing Manufacturing
  • eCommerce Web Development

I am looking to start up a fashion line. I don’t know how to find a manufacturer I wanted to know if that is what your company does?

We offer complete end to end solution to apparel brands starting from apparel design through marketing your products through eCommerce Web Development. Clients coming to us will get a complete solution for their apparel brand.


I Would like a quote for tech packs for a range of styles for my clothing line can you give a quote ?

Not all styles are same or take same time to prepare them. As styles detailing are different based on the style. So It take different time to prepare tech pack. Moreover the style detailing differ depending on the style and its complexity in detailing. So quote for the range of styles are different. So you should share your style details to get a quote. We give the quote after understanding your style details.  


If the sample isn’t what I want it to look like, do we make adjustments and then you provide a new sample?
Ans : The process goes like this . First, we send the tech packs and confirm the tech pack and spec sheet.Once the Tech Pack is confirmed then we proceed with Sample Development. You can confirm on every detail on the 1st level of tech pack design. if you don’t get the sample as per your requirement we can do that once more. But we will proceed with the sample development only when we are sure that the tech pack is confirmed with all detailing given in it.If we are not getting the sample as per the tech pack confirmed by you then we will remake the sample.


every design is unique,  We cannot provide any tech pack template for you to take a reference as they are customer’s design.

Q. Hello,We are planning to launch a clothing brand. Need more information on designs, manufacturing, and new designs for every season. Can you make designs with our brand label and manufacture?
As you said you are planning to launch a clothing brand here are the same questions that you should first figure out . Do you have your brand name ? If yes is this brand name registered ? Have you inquired if this particular name is fresh one or it has been used by somebody else ? Secondly, Regarding Information on designs , You must specify what kind of designs your brand is going to launch. Once you complete you need to prepare the Tech Sheets and then finally go for production inquiries. I would suggest you should go ahead step by step and keep enough time for you to do from one to other. Starting apparel line has several steps to follow and without this, you may lose a lot of money.

Q. We are looking to build a relationship with a company that can help us do tech packs, pattern grading, and small production. We were wondering if you would like to help us in those categories.
Yes, we support in starting apparel line from scratch . We are a fashion studio with our in-house production unit and fashion photo studio. We have built this infrastructure for the companies especially for start-up clothing brands so that they can get everything at one place without incurring a cost by working with different vendors. Secondly having everything at one place saves a lot of time, money and energy. Proceeding forward we can definitely support you with your line and give an end to end solution for your starting apparel line.
Q. I have never sketched or sewed any item of clothing but I have an extreme love for fashion. Is your company able to help me come up design ideas as I am looking into starting apparel line?
It’s not important what you know and what you don’t. It’s important how you start learning and climbing steps one by one. If you know what it takes to start a business, you will get through the process may it be apparel brand or any other. The most important point here is to start. If you have some idea about your apparel line great! many don’t even have that and they start. What you need is streamline your idea through a certain process. You can check out my post things to do before hiring a clothing designer. This would give you the base and then you may approach a technical clothing designer. Below are few points to consider when you start your apparel line.

How do I Proceed to Produce my Styles for my Clothing Line?

Ans : For a Quote and Details about Garment Manufacturing please send us your style details to us. In Case you do not have the details you may send us the sketches / inspiration images. We also need the order quantity for each style you want to produce.  Other than common styles like t-shirts, Shirts and Hoodies we need to prepare tech pack design. Tech Pack Design is chargeable.

What is Tech Pack detailing ?

This is otherwise known as Apparel Tech Pack or Tech Sheet. You may visit our Blog about Tech Pack Design to know more about it.

Was hoping that I could discuss what the steps would entail and cost.

Ans : To Give you an idea about the costing we should have some idea about your garments styles and it would be great if we get the Tech Packs for the styles you want to produce. Costing part entirely depends on the order quantity and detailing that goes on your styles. To do this tech packs are important and we must know what goes in the garment styles.

I would like an idea of how long it would take to have a fall or winter line ready for this year ?

Ans : The complete life-cycle is 4 months if you are starting from the scratch. You can now reverse calculate from the date of your launching your line.

Is there printing beading and embroidery done in-house or outsourced?

Printing, Embroidery, and other associated jobs are usually outsourced to neighboring job-work units. We outsource Machine embroidery and printing jobs.


Can you produce low quantities of styles?

The Minimum Order Quantity will depend on style. I cannot commit this before seeing the styles finalized. My Minimum Order Quantity is 300 pieces / Color if that only requires cut to stitch and no other job works like printing and embroidery. Secondly, there are many factors which affect your minimum order quantity. So we must see your style tech packs and spec sheets before commenting on this.

What is the lead time for a sample from design/ sketch?  Can these be emailed over to yourself?

This should take some 7 – 15 days time depending on style complexity. I can email the picture of the sample as it gets completed.


Will  you send Samples to us for Approval and if we have some modification to make how many times we can ask for it?

If you wish to approve the sample yes. Buyer  bear the shipment cost.  Normally we take up order on FOB ( Ex-Factory ) . Shipment is mostly buyers responsibility. We can support on Documentation. For shipping of your goods, you should get in touch with shipping companies. We can make the sample modification as per the comments we receive from the fit sample and hereafter we will be taking the Prints and embroidery approval through digital media and high-resolution images.


How long after approval and sealing does production take?

Apparel Production takes 40 -60  days from the date of sample approval and production confirmation. We have to go through a complete process of production life cycle. Below is the process of apparel production.


If I send you the rough sketches are you able to determine to size to complete a tech pack?


What is the cost of making a tech pack for a style ?


How much time does a tech pack design take ?


Do you have any fabric source ? Do you all outsource or do you manufacture the fabric as well?


Is it better to draw or photograph the dress? Do I include fabric sample?


We have an internal Quality checker. For Any Other Quality Checking or certification, You may hire external agencies. They can do the Quality Checking at our Apparel Production Unit during production.


What is your quality control process?

FAQ Related to Shipping

Does the cost of the garment include quality control and packing?

The Cost of the Garment Includes Packaging.  For QC you may hire independent authorities who can do Quality Check at our Factory Premises.

What is the lead time from the last production to delivery to my door (freight/ shipment)?

We Take 45-60 days lead time to complete the production after approval of the PP sample.  Shipping time and cost are given by your shipper. Usually, Shipping through Sea takes 20 – 30 days and Air Shipping takes 7 – 10 days.

Who are the carriers that you use for shipment/freight?

We use UPS FedEx and DHL only for our regular customers and those who pay for the shipping beforehand. Shipments are usually clients responsibility . We work on Ex-Factory Production shipping cost is born by buyer.

What are the freight costs / shipment cost and delivery Charges and import duties ?

We calculate freight charge based on volumetric weight or Actual Weight whichever is higher. Volumetric Weight = Length X Breadth X Height / 5000. On top of it, import duty and processing fees are chargeable.  Below is your shipping cost calculation method.

Cost / KG + Fuel Charge + Service Tax = Fright Cost + Import Duty of Your country = Total Shipment Cost

What packaging do you use and what are the costs?

The Normal UK standard Packaging mostly as there is GSP verification done in the UK and neighboring countries.

Can you produce back neck labels / swing tickets/ wash care labels and what are the costs? Is this included in the cost of the garment?

This includes the cost of the garment. But if you are having very less quantity of products this would be charged separately. This has its minimum of 5000 pics / label.

Could you send me a sample of the labels / tags or what you can offer?

I can show a high-resolution picture of the labels that I prepare. We can also post you the label samples for approval the postal charge goes to buyer. For more queries related to Clothing Design and Apparel Production, get in touch with our Clothing Designer