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There is a high demand for manufacturers that can apparel graphics on t-shirts? Whether any event, or any new product launch, graphic t-shirts are the first choice. So, this is an emerging market for brands and clothing manufacturers. There are more people demand for t-shirts with custom apparel graphics than suppliers. If you are an apparel brand and want to explore the market this could be the best opportunity to sale in bulk. Knitted fabrics are produced in mass volume. So, producing t-shirt in small quantity is not feasible. So if you are looking for t-shirt with a custom apparel graphics, you can source vendors keeping stock. Sourcing a vendor who keep ready stock of plain t-shirts is the only suitable solution. We offer limited quantity production with your custom apparel graphics. Whether you need 20 pics or 2000 pics we can support.

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Apparel Graphics Design is bit different from web graphic design. In web graphics there are no limits on applying colors but in apparel graphics design we have to limit them. Printing techniques other than digital printing have certain limitations on applying color. Also Screens developed for each color adds cost to the apparel production. Normally apparel printing technique widely used for T-Shirt and fabric printing, uses screens similar to offset printing. So every time there is an addition to color in the print it add one more screen.


Creativity in apparel prints and t-shirt print design work with proper vector artwork is important when you are preparing a t-shirt line. Preparing t-shirt graphics or any other apparel graphics a designer has to stay in limits in applying colors. Other parameters are print technique and printing method, print placement details on apparel etc.


Fashion is ever-changing and so as the color trends. Fashion forecast is done by various fashion agencies across world and Pantone the market leader for color innovation and forecasting. Clothing Designer must research for the new and upcoming seasonal collection. And suggest colors that best goes with the fashion trend and market trend. Clothing Designer also should decide fabrics, trims and garment style desired. Apparel Graphics in Tech Packs are then made as per the technical properties of style graphics and their need. Every tech sheet is unique and designed as per the style need. You should hire clothing designer who can understand artistic crafts of product development and apparel production methods, create art from ideas and draw prototypes, plans, or maps to scale.

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We give end to end service to apparel brands and private labels. Our services are fashion design, tech pack development, graphics design, sampling and production.Our associate firm ScriptoGraphics offer eCommerce Website Development Service to Apparel Brands. To know more about us and our work visit our clothing Designer Portfolio.


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