Garment Measurement Specification – Garment Fit Basics

Garment Measurement Specification – Base of Garment Fit Technique   Garment Measurement Specification is vital part in fashion design, pattern making and production. Apparel product development is a complex chronological process starting from tech pack design. And tech pack design is a systematic process that… Read More

Measurement Specification Guideline – How to Spec a Garment

Measurement Specification Guideline – How to Measure A Garment   Measurement Specification Sheet is an integral and important part of a tech pack. It gives a structured detail of measurements for different parts of a garment style. You need a detailed Measurement specification sheet to… Read More

Garment Fit Technician Role to Achieve Perfect Fit and Comfort in Clothing

Garment fit Technician is one of the most important person in developing a brand. Especially for a startup if you need one person to help its the garment fit technician. How do you go about talking to manufacturers/wholesalers? Do you provide exact tech packs or… Read More

Fashion Tech Pack Design and Apparel Production Consulting Service

Fashion tech pack design is an art combined with science. Creative instinct and technical knowledge to execute the creativity is rare combination. That is why a tech pack designer with both these skills paid high. Only a technical designer can back a fashion brand from… Read More