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Apparel Print Detailing on Tech Pack

Designing apparel graphics and implementing apparel print detailing on a t-shirt need some processing. The technique of implementing it is technical detailing called apparel print detailing. Print detailing has its own importance when you are producing apparel in mass. Chemical used in printing have amino compounds and harmful for skin. So, the harmful effect needs defusing. Apparel print detailing refers to the printing techniques used in printing. Also, it explains the chemical and defusing process to make the garment wearable. So, it needs a deeper understanding of printing technique with such chemical usage. Usually, manufacturers use chemicals for a better print visibility and surface feel and durability. They need proper printing instructions to get quality print and without any side effects. Taking the help of a technical clothing designer with expertise in various printing technique.


Apparel Print Detailing Printing Techniques


There are few printing techniques banned in various countries. Some of them are Plastisol, flock print. Most common prints are PVC based printing techniques which are harmful to the skin. So, technical clothing designer must know for which countries the production pics are going. For the USA, UK and Canada PVC based printing are not allowed. Your apparel print detailing in tech pack can guide factories s right from the beginning. Also, you should avoid non-breathable print technique in kids wear clothing. Those non-breathable printing methods are Plastisol, high-density, and flock print techniques.


Advance Print Detailing in Tech Pack Design Process


A technical designer must inquire factories printing capability and specialization. So that they can recommend buyers right unit for printing specified in a clothing tech pack. Also, quality depends on how manufacturer follows the process specified in the tech pack. Apparel print detailing is one of the major parts in a tech pack. Especially, styles with high-end prints in style like a t-shirt, and styles having prints. Stay tuned as I am going to elaborate this topic in detail with all print detailing techniques. For more information connect with us using the contact form. Our technical clothing designer would be in touch with you to help you. We offer apparel design, tech pack design, and clothing manufacturing service to apparel brands.

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