How to Prepare Garment Cost Sheet to Calculate MRP Using Tech Pack

Why We need Garment Cost Sheet


Before writing about garment cost sheet I scanned google to find out any clear article. I found nothing in there because no business want to give a clear costing of how they spend money to get material. They call it as a business secrets. No clothing manufacturer will give you open costing. They will give you one final cost per garment. But, it is your job to figure out how much a garment should cost and in a sensible way. Making cost sheet is an issue when you are not equipped with garment detailing. And you end up loosing a lot of money in production. To keep track of your expenses. you can prepare a cost sheet if you have a tech pack in hand. A tech pack designer can give you the detailing that is helpful in preparing your cost sheet.

garment cost sheet

What is Garment Cost Sheet ?


Garment cost sheet prepared to calculate the cost of one piece of garment. The cost sheet includes the material cost and cost of processing. The production quantity also plays an important part when deciding the cost. This is a complicated subject so let me explain this step by step. I would love to explain this with an example. That’s how we can make it easier to understand the concept of preparing a garment cost sheet. Lets take a shirt for example. Have a look at the below garment for example.

Bills Of Material - Garment Cost Sheet

To prepare the cost sheet we must know the materials to use in the style. To make garment we need fabric, thread, buttons, Fusing, packaging clips, poly-bag and so on. Also you need to have processing like pattern, fabric cutting, stitching, finishing etc. . When we take those things without a list we may miss out few things. That is why we make garment cost sheet. Some call it Bills of Material ( BOM ). You need to take expertise of a tech pack designer in to design your style and put the detailing in tech pack. Unless those detailing are clear preparing a Bills of Material or garment cost sheet is difficult. You will never get a proper pricing if you are not clear what goes in a style. Tech Pack is the only way you can streamline your apparel production process.


Visit Tech Pack Template Store if you are starting a brand with styles everyone using with your own brand name or some graphics artwork to customize. You may buy the tech packs to send it to clothing manufacturers. With this tech pack template you may add your graphic artwork and logos. You can save hundreds of dollars with these tech packs. We develop fashion spec sheet template and test several times in production. Once the measurements comes out perfect we finalize the spec sheet.


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