How to Prepare Garment Measurement Spec Sheet

Garment Measurement Spec Sheet is an integral and Important part of Tech Pack. So, a tech pack designer need to know how to prepare garment measurement spec sheet. There are two ways how spec sheets are prepared. One by using the body measurement and the other is using finished garment. But, Which one is correct is a matter of debate. The designers of most reputed brand prefer to use body measurement parameter though.


Garment Measurement Spec Sheet Parameters based on Body vs Garment


garment measurement specsheet


Preparing Garment Measurement Spec Sheet


Garment Fit is major part in success or failure of a brand so is garment measurement chart in tech pack. If a garment style fits well it will also look good. Customer although go for look at first glance but when it comes to fit the priority always goes to fit. So garment spec with measurements are important aspect of a garment tech pack. You need garment measurement spec sheet before bulk production to avoid fit issues. This is an unavoidable step if you are planning to start your business in a serious note. Prepare a detailed measurement chart with size gradation based on approved fit sample. If there is any deviation you must adjust it right here before going for bulk production. So, adjust your graded garment measurement chart based on your approved fit sample. You need a complete tech pack and measurement spec sheet to execute garment production.


Garment Measurement Vs Body Measurement


It is often confusing whether to take a garment to measure the fits or we should go for body measurement. To come to a conclusion we must figure out the difference. There is a basic difference between garment measurements vs body measurements. The most appropriate method of preparing spec sheet is by considering body measurements. Unless you don’t find a right body type the least you can do is by taking measurements from garment. Remember every garment brand have their own measurement guideline. So you must cross verify your measurements with more than one brand. Other than this there are many other aspects that a pattern maker considers while preparing the final garment measurement spec sheet.


Tech Pack Templates For Common Styles


There are few basic style brands wants to include in their collection line-sheet. Some of them are t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and so on. Technical designers charge higher price for the same style they have done before. So, keeping this in mind, we have come up with a solution that suits our readers and customers. We have come up with an innovative solution that saves a lot of time for both buyers and designers. If you are looking for a tech pack of a t-shirt design and tech pack, no need to hire a technical designer. We developed tech packs and garment measurement spec sheets commonly used by brands. Those we have put on our online store ” Tech Pack Templates“. You can easily go to the store and buy from there instead of hiring a clothing designer with higher cost.


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