Low Minimum Order Apparel Production Company

Sourcing and Approaching Low Minimum Order Apparel Production Company


“How do I find low minimum order apparel production company for my online brand?”. This the common question that every start-up now is looking to get answered. When starting a business it’s very easy to run out of money. Whether that be the savings that you put aside or a loan you took out, you always fall short. Choosing right low minimum order apparel production company is a bit of a process, and it can be daunting. But, you will have to do this and over and over again till you fit in to the right one. Here are some of the tips that can help you find what suits you the best. Every start-up brand seek a low minimum order apparel production company. This is quite rare to source an apparel production unit that take up orders that fits your budget. Many great ideas die because of the lack of funds and that’s quite unfortunate. But we can not ignore the fact that starting an apparel brand needs investment.


Low Minimum Order Apparel Production Company


How to Approach Clothing Manufacturers


Urban Purple comes to picture when you need some push to bring your dream project live. So if you are a start up apparel brand believe me you need to step by Urban Purple. So, you need tech pack design and apparel production support to back your business. Keeping in mind the need of start-up apparel brands and their limitations we have come up with a solution. We love to see new up coming brand come to the market to compete with worlds leading brands. Yes, we are the low minimum order apparel production company you are looking for. If you are ready with your collection plan, you can reach us any time. If not, then check our article ” How to give your style idea a shape for clothing manufacturer“. This will help you shaping your style idea.


Start-up brand with limited budget, cannot afford to loose money in sampling experiments. So you need to be sure on your style ideas and prepared with tech packs. Spending some money preparing your tech pack and spec sheet would be handy here. Always approach a tech pack designer to give shape to your ideas before you start production. For more reference please give a look at my blog ” clothing tech pack design“. This will be handy for start-up brands. My personal recommendation is that if you are on a tight budget, try to work with a manufacturer as nearby you. This will be good as you can visit them often. This may not work with people who produce their garments overseas. But this should not matter much as long as you are dealing with right vendors. Its more about manufacturing process and craftsmanship rather than where it is made.


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