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An apparel contractor is an agent or company who help brands launch. They offer services that a brand need to convert a great idea into a reality. In other words a fashion contractor act as a sourcing agent for the fashion brand. And he handles sourcing for both materials and men power. For example sourcing technical designer, sampling unit and clothing manufacturing unit. So, he serves as an end to end supply chain for a brand to bring its idea live. In simple terms an individual or a company who offers end to end supply chain like from concept to customer. There are several companies who provide this service. However, very few have their own infrastructure to give this end to end solution. Some of them are middle men with few contacts from overseas. And they charge an hefty amount both from vendors and clients to connect them.


fashion contractor


Apparel contractors are individual or company helping fashion brand bring their collections. They help in sourcing, and execution of collection from scratch. When you start a brand either you source technical designer, pattern maker, manufacturer. Most of us think they create a sketch and send to a pattern maker. The pattern maker prepares the pattern and you are good to go for sampling and production. But, this is not how clothing manufacturers operate. You need a tech pack for the style you want to prepare sample and do mass production.


Choosing Between Offshore and Domestic Apparel Manufacturing


If you have access to the pattern maker and seamstress and you can be available, then you wont need a tech pack. The pattern and few information about the style is enough. Yet, you need certain number of alteration to get the best fit. But, working with clothing manufacturer offshore, is an expensive and time taking process. And you need to give proper documentation about your style in the form of tech pack.


Working with Apparel Contractor and Preparing Collection With Production In Mind


Not everywhere you have access to pattern master or clothing manufacturers. And most of the time you have to depend on offshore clothing manufacturers.There may be two reasons for this. One the factories do not accept low MOQ garment production and charge three to 4 times more. Two they do not prefer to develop the samples and if they do they charge high to alter if there is any changes needed. In both the cases it is important that you prepare the project map before you actually proceed. Means, you prepare tech pack and detailed size specs and jump in to sampling and production. Option two is always better and more scientific way to move forward. Moreover, once you have the tech pack and measurement specs with you, you know what you want to do. Your vision is clear and you are more focused than circling around the idea.


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