Apparel Design & Marketing Major Makeover in Brand Identity

Approach to Apparel Design and Styling Makeover

Apparel design and marketing are two most important factors that drive the success of a brand. When you see there is a slowdown in consumer buying or popularity be sure that there is a problem. It may be either from your marketing and branding or your products are not well designed. The challenge every brand in the industry is facing is the inability to offer “value for money”. Also products such as high-end luxury products in smaller quantity. Offering value for money to customers with high expectation and competitive market is a challenge. You need to workout at grass-root level and starts from the design and planning phase. Hence, apparel design is the most initial phase in the life-cycle of apparel branding.


Apparel Design for Brand Styles - Clothing Designer

Most of all apparel brand do not focus on what the customer wants rather they stick to their idea. I am not saying it is not good enough but the driving force for success lies in how your customer accepts it. Your idea should be customer focused and see customer interest first. Apparel designer designing collection keeping customer preference in mind gets more acceptance. The solution lies in finding out a new market and global presence for most of the brand. We often send apparel designers for market survey. So that they can keep themselves up-to-date with the current fashion trend. There needs to be a balance of both great product and perfect marketing to build a brand identity. So it’s the job of both apparel designer and marketing division to work together.

Integrated Fashion Design and Marketing Service

We at fashion studio Urban Purple have experienced those difficulties that every brand face. To solve those issues we offer a complete end to end service that a brand need to build its base. We help apparel brands in apparel design, tech pack design, clothing manufacturing and eCommerce support. Apparel brands can avail the complete end to end solution with one point contact and cheaper rate. With this service we offer an integrated service with a competitive rate. You can get in touch with our clothing designer and eCommerce web developer through mail.

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