Apparel Producer – Process of Communicating with Apparel Producer

As apparel producer among the queries emails we receive, from emerging brands, topic often addressed is on production process. Most clients often come to us with complaints from their earlier apparel vendors. The complaints are like how to communicate with apparel producer. Sampling comes not up to the expectation. They wonder what went wrong with their process. In other words, they start apparel production without doing proper preparation. Emerging brand owner think if they send one image and ask the manufacturer to replicate it will work. This is the first step to the downfall of your brand. You end up spending money with no result. Apparel production is one of the challenging aspects in launching a fashion line. It is important to realize, that you need proper plan in place before floating your production order.


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Finding the apparel unit capable of doing your style is important. Not all factories do everything. They have specialties. Some can produce knitted garments, some are woven garment specialists. They have their machinery setup based on the type of garment they produce. So, figure out whether the factory assigned production is equipped to produce garment. Take support of a tech pack designer or consultant to source right factory for production. You will be in a commanding position only when you have two things in place. 


Checklist for Apparel Producer : Tech Pack Design for Entire Clothing Line Sheet


You are ready to work with an apparel unit only when you have completed the above points. Remember, when it comes to tech packs for your styles, there are no short cuts. You may be inviting a big loss to your production if you are using some automated software without the knowledge of apparel production process. You should only relay on an experienced tech pack designer to prepare those. Hire a designer with industry experience in ground level product development. You are taking a risk if you are trying to find a short cut by all means. This is a planning stage and production pieces depend completely on how you plan in the beginning.


How to Prepare Yourself to Initiate Dialogue with Apparel Producer


Tech Packs are incredibly important tool in your fashion business. Therefore, It becomes crucial when it comes to communicating with apparel producer. This reflects all technicalities of your design and its specification.  The more detailed tech pack you have, there is less chance of mistakes. Also, you must segregate the detailing as per the factory process. You cannot give every detail on a same page. This will again confuse the factories. So, you must give detailed tech pack yet segregate the detailing based on the functions. Check components of your style details that you want to add-on a tech pack


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