Freelance Fashion Tech Pack Designer

How much does it cost to hire a freelance fashion tech pack designer ? Do you think it is more beneficial to work as a freelance fashion designer or a fashion studio. You end up paying more to a fashion studio. Also you sometime have to succumb with creative control and employee benefits? When you work with a freelance designer you can have your creative freedom. But, there is limitations if a freelance designer has limited exposure to factory environment. For startups its not always workable to hire a fashion company. So the only option they left with is to hire a freelance fashion tech pack designer. Having a good tech pack designer by your side always increase the chance of your success. But it is also very important that you communicate your ideas with best possible clarity. The idea is to involve yourself in the design process.


Freelance Fashion Tech Pack Designer


Freelance Fashion Tech Pack Designer : An Option for Startup Brands with Limited Investment


Contracting a design firm is often expensive and if the firm is in USA or Europe, the cost increases many fold. So, for start-up fashion brands it is difficult to get your ideas put in paper that a manufacturer needs. But, this should not stop you to launch your fashion brand. You can opt hiring a freelance fashion technical designer. Here you can use the skills of a tech pack designer for your creative as well as technical requirements. When you are starting your business it is always wise to find someone who can be handy in both domain. Moreover, you can also save a lot of money which you would have spent with a design firm. All you have to do is explain your ideas in points for every styles. Now you know what you should do, the next step is to search for one tech pack designer.


Know the Trade before You Trade


Before you start focusing on sourcing, It is always good to have a fair idea about the fashion business. The fashion industry is a complex place to put your investment. It is labor intensive, failure at one supply chain may affect whole cycle. You must push through time to move forward. It does not as easy as it looks on sketches or ramp in a fashion show. So, you need research and preparation before you step in to production floor. Study about how the fashion industry works and what are the methods you need to know is important. So, especially for all my clients, I have something to offer before even they start working with me. I have few articles written which i want my clients to read before they reach a fashion tech pack designer. Some details about clothing tech pack design and garment manufacturing.


There is a huge list of clients who want same style same fit same sizes and almost the same thing. The only thing they want is a logo on the chest or a print on front. For these kind of style you spend thousands of dollars. But now you can get it with almost 10% of cost than what you usually spend. For those kind of clients, there is a good news . Wait no more and instantly get your tech packs and measurement spec sheet. Keeping this in mind we have came up with a solution. We run a fashion tech pack template store that has all pre-tested Tech Packs. Choose your style and buy it from there.


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