Building Clothing Brand – Step by Step Process of Clothing Brand Building

Step by Step Process for Building Clothing Brand from Scratch


Most of all start-up business in the USA focusing on Building Clothing Brand. But coming from different business and sectors they want to know what it takes to make it successful. It’s my daily job is to answer questions to people who want to start their apparel brand since quite a long time. I get queries from the prospective business owner from time to time with one single question. How to build a successful apparel brand? As a matter of fact they want consultation on steps and process they should follow to build a fashion line. It,s being a long pending discussion ignored for quite a time. So here we go!


Here are some vital steps that you should follow before building clothing brand. I am going to give you the points first and discuss them in detail. So let’s start with the steps.




Step – 1 – Know your Collection Line-Sheet


It is important to realize what is that you see when you think of a brand. you want to build a collection line-sheet and showcase in a show ? or You want to take things in a continuous and regular basis with an aim to build your business. Pick a line that fits your concept as well as investment capacity. Because accept that you can not offer anything and everything. The point often overlooked by new apparel brand is they try to come up with a complete collection. A mix collection for men’s wear, women’s wear, and kids wear. If you are doing this stop there. You got one one style from each segment are you serious?


Step – 2 – Decide Your Collection Styles and Size


Once you know your concept next step is to decide what styles you want to keep in your collection line-sheet. For example for a sportswear line track suit, pant, windbreaker, tank tops, sports bra etc. In other words, is your collection going to focus on one style or of a complete set of all sportswear apparel?  Also, figure out the number of styles you and to add for each of the style categories. It is always good to have fewer categories but more styles in each of the categories. This is how you should plan your collection line-sheet. Especially when you are starting your clothing line and with no external finance or investment stick to one or two categories. Gradually you can increase the categories. Please follow the steps to put together your clothing line-sheet before hiring a clothing designer.


Step – 3 – Decide and Gather Information on Standard Size


Measurements are everything for standard quality apparel and brand reputation. There are different standard measurements followed across geographical areas of the world. For example, European size, the USA itself has two different standard sizes. Asian and South East Asian standard size. Now it is up to you to follow your standard measurements. This also depends on your business location, the crowd you are looking forward to selling etc. You can pick your standard measurement through your competitor brand’s website. So any brand that fits your choice of styles would be a good choice. You can also consult technical clothing designer to give you this. Please note that standard measurement is not the spec sheet. Technical designer prepares spec sheet using standard measurement. Spec sheet are different for every single style and unique for each style.


Step – 4 – Decide Production Quantity / Style / Color


Now it is time for you to access your budget and what is the investment you are ready to do for your business. In other words, what would be your volume you have thought of producing. Because the first thing that a manufacturer would as is the quantity you want to produce for each style. And if you are not prepared with that number you should not contact them. Furthermore, if you are not prepared with your tech packs and spec sheet they will not entertain you as well.


You have now completed the first phase in the process of building clothing brand. Once you are ready with all above information, consult a technical clothing designer. You need tech packs and spec sheet for your collection before you approach clothing manufacturer. You can get a consultation and prepare your collection line sheet and tech packs to take your collection to clothing manufacturer. Keep tuned for my next post for further guidance.


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