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Freelance clothing designer with industry experience are ideal candidates for a fashion startup. And if you are seeking one to help you build your apparel brand you are on a right path. At the same time you should know few things that help you hire one. Every designer has a specialty. Designers focus on one category and get expertise in it. Some are kids wear specialist and some were Men’s and sports wear and so on. So it is important to know their specialty before hiring them. Know more while reading through our blog and seeing our clothing designer portfolio. Perfect fit and cuts are hallmarks of top brands. Precise regulatory and performance tests make sure that people accept your clothing line-sheet. We know the value of fits, cuts, colorfastness, appearance and care labeling. Customers value those detailing the most. So, consider fits, cuts, colorfastness, appearance with utmost seriousness.



How do freelance fashion designers get paid?


Freelance clothing designer get paid anywhere between $30 USD to $ 150 USD per hour. And the payment depends on the complexity of the job, Long term or short term work and many other factors. This is a sizable investment especially when you are building a collection. So if you are planning to hire a freelance clothing designer, do the ground work first. The idea is to put your creative thought to papers in a structured way. So, first do the ground work and make them in order. I have written a post on how to give your style idea a shape. Here you will have the insight how you should be going ahead. The role of the technical designer is to give a road-map for clothing manufacturers. So make sure the technical designer has bulk apparel production experience.


Do Freelance Clothing Designers Work Alone or With a Team ?


Preparing a tech pack is a team work. You need a tech pack designer and a pattern master to prepare comprehensive tech pack and spec sheet. So, you should be ask if the designer has pattern design experience or he / she has a pattern maker to support. If you are looking for professional tech pack along with your size specs then this is necessary. Only freelance clothing designers can give you the tech pack without the spec sheet. So, make sure you are dealing with a designer teamed up with pattern master. If you are relying on automated software and trying to get tech pack for your custom design you are doing it wrong. Always hire a designer if you are having design which are not generic. If you are having collection with generic styles, you can check our Tech Pack Template Store. Get the pre-tested tech pack here.


Freelance fashion designer with garment fit technique experience is an asset. You are lucky if you have one supporting you in your collection design and tech packs. Starting a clothing brand can be tricky. If you are a creative and you are making the designs, it is the most enjoyable part. But, converting your style idea to live needs a lot of ground work and technical expertise. As designer I have spent 12 years in converting creative ideas to actionable tech packs. If you want to check my work please visit the portfolio. You can reach through the contact form of the website and I would be happy to reply your queries within 24 hours. If you are looking for generic tech pack you don’t have to do anything. Visit our online store of Tech Pack Template and you can buy and download from there.



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