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Techniques of Embroidery Design in Apparel Tech Packs


Embroidery Design is a must for any style that defines itself as a luxury brand. Embroidery is part of every collection be it Indian ethnic, European or USA street wear. Fashion tech pack designer often use this form embellishment to add value to the style. Most premium fashion brand use embroidery in their collection planning. It is an art of thread that decorates the fabric of the silhouette and make it look premium and exclusive. Designers use beads, pearls and zari work in embroidery to enhance its look. So the art of decorating fabrics using needle and thread has evolved manifold. As far as I know the first industrial embroidery machine was invented in Paris in the year 1821. Since then there is no looking back. Today, to meet the demand clothing manufacturing companies use automated embroidery machines.

Embroidery Design

Clothing with embroidery often sold in higher price than any printed garments. This is because doing an embroidery on a garment is bit expensive than a print. the cost of embroidery depends on the number of stitch the logo/design has. In automated embroidery machine you can see how many stitches goes in a design. For example in a logo there may be 4000 to 6000 stitches depending on the size of the logo. the bigger the design, number of stitch increases. You can control number of stitches in an automated embroidery machine. This may affect the quality of the embroidery design. With more than required stitches it may look thicker and with less it may reveal the fabric and look cheep. So to achieve the best quality the number of stitches should be proportionate to the artwork.


Embroidery Design in Apparel Tech Pack


Embroidery Digitization Process


We can convert an artwork to computerized embroidery format through embroidery digitization. Through this we can convert an artwork to a format to feed in the machine for embroidery. We can achieve this using various CAD software. Once the digitization process the DST file goes to the embroidery machine. There are separate embroidery designers to prepare the CAD file for embroidery. Clothing tech pack designer must give a clear vector artwork to embroidery designer. The clarity of the embroidery file depends on the clarity of the vector. So tech pack designer must give the clear CAD artwork in the tech pack with proper measurement. If you are looking for more articles related to clothing design and tech packs visit our blog “clothing tech pack design“. 


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