Clothing Design and Garment Manufacturing For Startup Brand

Clothing Design and Garment Manufacturing


Clothing design and garment manufacturing is always been a costly affair. Especially for start-up apparel brands, this has been a challenge altogether. There are many challenges faced by fashion brands during small quantity garment manufacturing. As a startup apparel brand, you will want to start small with the numbers you manufacture. In this case, you have to accept the fact that the cost of manufacturing per item is more when you order less. Yet you can optimize your cost in many ways. You can achieve this by consulting a technical clothing designer ground level working experience. A designer with experience in ground level knows the areas you can cap the cost and maximize profit. Here I can give you few tips that can help you build your line in a cost effective and production friendly manner. So let’s check out few points below.


Denim Jeans Tech Packs - Clothing Design and Garment Manufacturing


You can optimize the cost of production from the beginning of design and tech pack development phase. For this you can consult the technical designer for the cut the fabric wastage in cutting process. Yo need to combine multiple styles in such a way that your fabric wastage becomes minimal at the time of cutting. You can also specify the width of the fabric ( if you are producing the fabric ). Fabric width can be a big factor when it comes to wastage. Only a technical designer can advise you what should be the width of the fabric for a particular style.


Common Doubts of Fashion Brands On Apparel Design & Manufacturing


Here are some common questions that apparel brands ask before proceeding for Clothing Design and Garment Manufacturing. Generally, most buyers want to know us and our fashion studio, clothing designers, and garment manufacturing unit etc.  The purpose of this post is to give answers to generic queries so that every buyer would know what he is going to expect from us before approaching. I have fashion flats. How should I proceed to produce my garments ?  If you are ready with your fashion flats or style sketches, you should have apparel tech packs ready if you want to produce your garments.  Please go to our page which says in details about Clothing Tech Pack Design.


If you have any further queries related to Clothing Design and Garment Manufacturing , Apparel Tech Packs , Garment Manufacturing please feel free to contact us . Please have a look at our clothing designer  portfolio and get in touch through contact form there. If You are a New Apparel Brand and want to launch your clothing line you can avail Our easy and cost effective packages. You can know more about the clothing design and Garment Manufacturing Packages from Our Website.

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