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Clothing Embroidery Design Techniques Apparel Design Basics

Clothing embroidery design is oldest and most advanced way to embellish apparel. Every designer clothing is incomplete without embroidery designs. Embroidery on clothing design is an age old practice since many hundred years. Embroidery is the favorite in fashion since decades. Clothing designers use this craftsmanship to a large extent. In fact, without embroidery no style is complete. The increase in demand created the need for computerized embroidery. Hence, this craftsmanship improved the method of clothing embroidery design. Today we can develop and produce many complex clothing embroidery designs within no time. With advanced technological development and introduction of CAD, the embroidery designs become easier. People from Germany, India, and other European countries prefer to wear costumes with embroidery.

clothing embroidery design

Here we have given four different variety of clothing embroidery designs. clothing embroidery designs have its own diversity based on countries and culture. We find different motifs of embroidery with a variety of process of design from the world. With the globalization and introduction of world wide web, we have the access to those motifs. Clothing Designers have started incorporating those in commercial garments as well. So it has gained its importance in the commercial design and mass production. When we speak of mass production, it is necessary that we must specify those in a structured format. Mentioning embroidery details in tech pack is quite important as manufacturers. Here You can get more insight on how clothing designer makes embroidery detailing goes in a tech pack design.


Technical Aspect of Modern Embroidery Design


Embroidery in modern mass production is all about the number of stitches that the design has. May it be a logo or a big motif the quality as of the design depends on how the clothing embroidery designer designed. So the initial CAD is the most important aspect of modern computerized design. There is specific embroidery design software available such as Willcome, Garbar etc. We must prepare the embroidery file and put them on the machine to get the final outcome. You can also adjust the number of stitches here. But that reduces the look and feal of the style. Usually, this is the job of specific embroidery designers. But more accurate the basic design the more clarity you get on the final outcome of embroidery CAD. So embroidery designers ask for high-resolution image upon which they can prepare the CAD.

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