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Building Brand Identity with Fashion eCommerce

Fashion eCommerce and technology go hand in hand in today’s volatile market. In fact, eCommerce has been an ace in the hole for fashion industry at this stage of the game. So building brand identity online is the next best way for your business especially in fashion and apparel industry. Keeping this in mind we at Fashion Studio Urban Purple are moving forward to tie-up with technology companies. With ScriptoGraphics, we have come up with an end to end service supporting apparel start-ups. Focus is to give every possible service to brands build their business foundation.


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Companies like Amazon and eBay have contributed a lot to the growth of eCommerce. They have shown the way how a small business can support itself and grow with the help of online selling. Brands with their online presence show how far ahead of their time they are as compared to those without it. So focus on digital marketing and eCommerce business is the next best alternative solution. You will fall behind if your business is not into fashion eCommerce. Apparel brands from the USA and European region have a greater grip on the online business. However, they need that backend support in procurement. To meet this need we have come up with an end to end service package that supports brands in the USA. Furthermore, You can save your time, money and energy and focus more on other important parts of your business.


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Brand Identity Development through eCommerce

We work as a team and our combined efforts of clothing designers and eCommerce experts. We give every effort to set your online fashion store to perform well with an ease. Clothing design and manufacturing team support with the supply chain. And our e-commerce team sees you get more sales. We started our business through apparel tech pack design and clothing manufacturing. When an apparel brand gets every needed service to build a business, efficiency is bound to come . Fashion studio urban purple is now ready to give all round services. The advantage is a single point of contact instead of coordinating many vendors.


This service is open to existing and new apparel brands associated with fashion studio urban purple. Fashion brands can avail an opportunity to take our complete services. Brands interested in our website design service may get in touch with us through mail. Feel free to get in touch with our clothing designers, and associate eCommerce Web Developers easily through a small note from our contact form.


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