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Brands ask this question “why we need Tech Pack Designs?”. If you want customers to value your clothing brand, you must follow the process building them. You must also believe that you offer something you are confident and of. Customers don’t buy clothing that does not fit well. This is common and everybody on the planet has had this unpleasant experiences. Tech pack designs are an important part of apparel design and clothing manufacturing process. You will agree to the fact that not every work is possible from one person. You can not do everything on your own no matter how intelligent you are. At some point, you need support in real areas where your creativity and technical expertise of a tech pack designer can work together. This not only improves the quality of products but also make more efficient in business.


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The purpose of writing this post is to make clothing brands aware the benefits of tech pack designs. Here are 10 most important benefits of tech pack design in apparel production process.


Key to Control and Success in Apparel Production – Tech Pack Designs


Clarity in Style
With tech pack designs you can reduce confusion and give better understanding. Clothing manufacturer gets clarity on style need.
Accurate Costing
With tech pack designs apparel manufacturers can give you exact costing per piece of garment. based on tech pack detailing.
Production Accuracy
With tech pack designs apparel manufacturers can give you exact costing per piece of garment. based on tech pack detailing.
Reduced rejection
When manufacturer knows deliverable the accuracy and quality level increases. Rejection rate declines to almost nil.
Manufacturer does not have to make any kind of trail and do experiments in sample development as every detailing is known. So time is taken to get the sample approved and produce garments reduces quite considerably.
Easy monitoring
Client can check the preceding of apparel production. Samples and approval process becomes much easier.
Act as a Contract
Tech pack acts as a contract between apparel buyer and clothing manufacturer.
Easy to find vendors
Finding clothing manufacturer becomes quite easy if you have a tech pack in hand. Usually, most apparel manufacturer do not give importance to clients who do not have a tech pack of the clients.
Be on Win-Win Position
Every apparel brand wants to optimize its production cost and at the same time no manufacturer wants to lose its share of profit from apparel production. With tech packs in place for your collection line sheet both apparel brand and clothing manufacturer knows what they are going to gain from the deal.
Easy to prepare BOM
With tech pack in hand both clothing manufacturer and brand can prepare the bills of material (b o m). This will help both brands and manufacturer to streamline their production process. This is especially helpful when you are producing a complete line sheet.


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What would be your approach when you start a new Clothing Line? Take short-cut and gamble on your fate? Or Take a steady approach and build gradually? This post is not for those who want to take short-cut so please excuse! This talks about steps that take you to successful clothing venture. Read our FAQ about Tech Pack Design and Apparel Production for more information. I would like to see your smiling face on my Facebook page to let me know you liked it :-). If you are starting your clothing line and looking forward to start it right then look out for an experienced Tech Pack Designer and Clothing Manufacturer that can support your dream come true.



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