Fashion Technical Drawing Importance in Clothing Manufacturing

Fashion technical drawing, is an essential tool for all professional in fashion industry. Used to convey design ideas and essential that a sample maker refer to visualize the style. They could get the idea of the style at first glance of the fashion technical drawing. So, tech pack designer always keep fashion flat sketch on top before going further. So, it is important for a tech pack designer to draw the fashion technical drawing with at most accuracy. This is important to avoid any misunderstanding and ambiguity in sampling and production.


Fashion Technical Drawing
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What is a Fashion Technical Drawing


Fashion technical drawing is a precise drawing of a style factory need to visualize the shape. A tech pack designer communicate direction and specifics to clothing through technical drawing. But before going ahead and approaching a clothing designer you must prepare yourself. You should first do your homework with your collection line-sheet. Refer how to prepare your collection line-sheet before approaching a tech pack designer. This way you can organize your business in a proper way. On the top of it tech pack designer also have clarity in doing the fashion technical drawing. It is also referred to as technical flat, fashion flat sketch. And this is the beginning of preparing tech pack and spec sheet of a garment style. So, technical drawing helps explain how the process of garment manufacturing works or how to develop sample for a given style.

Tech-Pack-Detailing , fashion technical drawing 

At fashion studio Urban Purple we give utmost importance in preparing technical drawing and complete tech pack before taking next step. It is important that we must know the complete detailing about a garment style when doing sample development. This reduces confusion and gives clarity and the final sample development and production gets smoother. That is my most clothing manufacturer want a tech pack for producing any garment style. Every brand wants to see an exact sample before going ahead with final production. But if you do not give proper information to the manufacturer it is difficult to get the sample right. Refer to our blog Clothing Tech Pack Design Process for more insight on fashion technical drawing and how to prepare apparel tech pack. 


We also offer apparel tech pack template based on standard measurement of USA and UK standard size. Those are the tech packs with vector files along with graded measurement spec sheet from size XS to XXL.

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