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Emerging apparel brands often look out for small batch clothing manufacturer. At the very beginning they look for small order clothing manufacturer as they expect a lower sales volume. But, sourcing clothing manufacturer for small orders is not so easy. Especially when you do not know where to start to build your apparel brand. There are many factors that restricts clothing manufacturer produce small quantity. There is challenge in In every step starting from fabric sourcing trims, garment processing, shipping and so on. So, it’s complex to figure out way forward when it comes to manufacturing apparel in small order quantity.


Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer


Usually it is hard to trust a manufacturer when you are setting up your apparel brand. Especially when you come from a different professional background. It takes a lots of guts and courage to start a business and being little skeptical is perfectly fine. But at this time it is important for you to choose the vendor is quite important. Going after a vendor who is offering cheaper pricing is sometimes disastrous. Of course, price is an important factor but that comes secondary. What you should be looking at is how long the clothing manufacturer operating. It is OK to go for a small batch clothing manufacturer at higher cost with good reputation. Most importantly you must remember that you are going to produce lesser quantity in the beginning. So you need a low minimum order apparel production company that can support your business need.


Small Batch Clothing Manufacturer Supporting Start-Up Apparel Brands


Urban Purple is a apparel business support service assisting brands from end to end. We offer design, tech pack development, sample development and manufacturing support to brands. We incubate nurture and support start-up brands going small to big. What you need to do is prepare your collection line sheet. You can read through the guide on how to put Your style idea for technical clothing designer. You can refer to the steps and prepare your collection line for proceeding further. Once you have those you can prepare you are ready to contact a tech pack designer. To know more about what is tech pack and its use please visit our blog.


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