Garment Fit Technician Role to Achieve Perfect Fit and Comfort in Clothing

Garment Fit Technician is one of the most important person in developing a brand. Especially for a startup if you need one person to help its the garment fit technician. When we speak about product development in any field there are two aspects to it. One is development and the other aspect is testing and quality assurance and control. Both the aspects are important especially when it comes to garment manufacturing process. A role of a tech pack designer is there from the begin to the end of garment production life cycle. A fit technician’s role is important in design, pattern making, sampling and production. Fit evaluation starts at apparel design phase.


Importance of Pattern Maker for Garment Fit Technician


People love to wear outfits that fits well and when it comes to fits, it is the out come of quality workmanship. This leads to an increasing demand for garment fit technician. A technical apparel designer with experience in product development can be a good fit technician. A technical clothing designer earns an average salary of $60,000 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career. Consumers give more preference to fits and comfort than any other criteria. And this makes no difference if the brand has no reputation. If you are focusing on fits and comfort your sales will grow over a period of time. Consumer slowly drives in and the brand can build its reputation. For today’s consumers it is acceptable if a brand has no reputation but makes clothing that fits well.


Technical Clothing Designer


Start-up clothing brands must stick to the basics and try focusing on fits. No point of making and presenting a style if it does not fit well or fits are not good. It would be last option to lose consumers with unfit and uneasy clothing. Sales repetition never comes if you do so. Your focus should be on fits of the garments with an unique style statement. And this appeals customers the most. Tech Pack Designer and pattern makers are the most can be an great asset. They are important factors that helps achieve prefect fit of your collection. This is the need of the day and start-up brands must focus on getting this.


Technical Design Technique Followed at Urban Purple



Garment fit and style detailing has been focus and priority before we take up any style. We consider and give priority for perfect fit clothing when sketching or accessing any sketch of our clients. Our focus is to meet perfect fitting of the style so that it is wearable at any point of time and occasion. Our technical designers and pattern designers make sure to meet best possible fit for the styles given by our client’s sketches. Converting buyer ideas to tech sheet and further into a production sample with perfect fit is the need of every client. We make sure that both designer and garment fit technician work together while developing pattern and proto sample.


Garment Fits are very important part in success of an apparel brand. However, Mostly designers with no help from experienced pattern maker, lack in preparing proper tech pack and spec sheet. We offer complete tech pack and measurement spec sheet of commonly produced by most brands. The Tech Pack and Measurement specs are tested several times. visit Tech Pack Template Store and download tech packs of styles as required.


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