Garment Spec Technician

Garment spec technician otherwise known as technical designer or tech pack designer. They are quite handy when you are starting your fashion line. If you are new to fashion business you need technical designer. You need help in executing garment production design. Garment Spec technician designs tech packs by understanding creative need and technicalities. The job is to create a breeze between creative aesthetics and technical feasibility. Also keeping in mind the cost that worth the style in the market. Their job is to make sure the garment look and fit as expected by the buyer’s vision. The fit, look, production feasibility and cost relies on tech pack. In short, The success of your line depends on how a technical designer prepares the tech pack. So, to make a garment look nice, fits well. cost effective and production friendly, a tech pack designer plays a major role.


Garment Spec Technician


A technical designer helps creatives to make tech pack for sampling and production. A spec technician understands all aspects of garment construction. They keep up with technical innovations that helps achieve production optimization. So, if you are new and looking forward to a fashion line take the help of a garment spec technician. A design idea going from creatives to the production floor goes through many phases. Each phase is not less than an elimination. So, when you are excited that you have an excellent design idea don’t feel bad if that gets rejected. Things are not that simple as it looks on the surface. Garment technologists oversee every stage of garment production, from design to manufacture. And during the process if a technical designer ask you to drop a good design he is not stopping your creativity. Rather, he is saving a lot of your money.


Choosing Right Garment Technologist to Design and Produce Your Collection Line-sheet


Hope this gives a fair idea on how a garment technologist can help you give shape to your ideas. What is expected from a garment spec technician ? If you would like to speak to our fit technician about your fashion line and collection ideas please get in contact. If you are looking for common tech packs like t-shirts, button down etc., visit tech pack template.


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