Technical Designer offering consultancy service in apparel design and production

Technical Designer Offering Apparel Brand Development


Technical designer show the way how to get one idea come to reality. A creative designer can give you an idea and vision but they have no clue whether it can be feasible. There is lot of exciting possibilities for new direction in the apparel business. Yet, you need to be extra careful not to let your guard down too early. When it comes to exploring new opportunities, you need a healthy dose of skepticism. There is no such anchor that can keep your head on straight. It’s all the more important not to let yourself get swept away by doing it yourself. So, it’s smart to take consultation from those who know what to do. It is a good idea to hire expertise of experienced technical designer and plan your action.


Technical Designer


Role of Technical Designer in Concept Building till Apparel Production


Technical Designers are those professionals who fit into both design and production team. They have required design skills capable of guiding the designers to design styles. Also, support and consult clothing manufacturing team in technical difficulties. Technical designers bridge the gap between design and manufacturing team with their input. You can call them as architects of fashion. Usually, Clothing manufacturers specialize in one segment when it comes to apparel production. For Example, if you want to produce your denim collection you need to find a denim manufacturing unit only. Like this, you have specialized units for Lingerie, Outerwear etc. In the same fashion, technical designers can also specialize in any one of the segment. It’s rare to find a technical designer having expertise in multiple segments. You got to find a technical designer who worked at ground level with the production environment. Only book studies are not enough.


Do you want to start a new clothing brand? Do you need help with design, sourcing, and manufacture? Get in touch for prices and minimums info and we can send quote before you take any decision. We offer affordable tech pack design service for the USA apparel brands with 100% information clarity. To know more about This would help you build your collection line-sheet and help you give a distinct brand identity. A style that is conscious and sensitive to the market around your locality. We help in selling fresh and stylish clothing products for men and women. In simple words our technical designer help in taking decisions easier in visualizing your ideas to reality. if you are starting a brand with regular styles that needs no customization you can buy tech pack templates from our store.


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