Stitching and Garment Construction Detailing

Stitching and Garment Construction Detailing on Apparel Tech Pack


Stitching and garment construction forms the final look of the garment styling. A lot depends on how your garment construction gives an accurate fit. So stitching and garment construction details are major components of tech pack. The fit and durability depend on the stitching and construction of the garment. So for a technical clothing designer, it is important to realize how he explains stitching and construction details in a tech pack. Clothing Manufacturer arranges machines as per the instruction given on stitching and garment construction details. So this details specifies the arrangements in a mass production environment. The order of sewing machines and operators in the batch makes a lot of difference in optimizing production capacity and quality. So one perfect planning can make a lot of difference.


Stitching and Garment Construction Detailing


There are different types of stitching that apply in different parts of a garment. We will here discuss an ideal stitching process for each part here. Every stitching has a different purpose and function for the stitching of the garment. So let’s discuss stitching and garment construction details one by one.


Overlock Stitch ( Sergers Stitch )


This is a kind of stitch that sews on the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for edging, seaming. In other words the purpose of protecting the edge of the cloth from piling off the thread. The purpose is to make the cloth stronger and protect the edge of the cloth after cutting. Overlock stitching also protects the cloth and helps last long even after several washes. Whether it is a woven or knitted fabric overlock stitch is a must for durability. So for stitching of every garment, this stitching process is a must. You get three different variety of overlock sewing machines where threads used from 3 to 5.


Single Needle Stitching ( Lock Stitch In Singer )


The most common used sewing machine is single needle machine. Single needle stitch is often found on all kind of woven garment stitching. Clothing manufacturers use single needle machine for sewing all kind of woven garments. Those are ideal machines for stitching woven garments such as shirts, trousers, and denim. Clothing manufacturers use this in operations where fabric stretch is less and fabric is stiff. The term “single needle stitching”, often found on dress shirt labels, refers to lock-stitch.


Flatlock Stitching


Flatlock Stitching often used in jersey and stretchable fabrics. Unlike single needle lock, it has the capacity to withstand the stretch of the fabric. This stitching process is often used for sewing knitwear and stretchable fabrics. The stitching often resembles wit overlock stitch on both sides of the fabric. It creates a seam that is flat and has the same appearance both inside and out.


Above are the three common way of stitching methods. Apart from that, there are many other sophisticated machines that manufacturers use. So, a tech pack designer must know the methods of stitching to plan the stitching and construction details. The job of tech pack designer is to mention right stitching and garment construction details to plan the style. Only designers having grassroots level experience in a factory environment can explain them in a tech pack.

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