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Transition From Runway To Retail : Clothing Designer


It is a mystery for many clothing designers on how to transform runway to retail market. Transaction of runway to local store only relates to the concept and ideas. The purpose of runways is to promote designers to get in front of media. This is no more than a marketing strategy to attract customers. Although there are few shows for ready to wear clothing designers. some show clothing that ends up in retail outlets. The outfits showcased in fashion shows are never meant for sale. The purpose of those silhouettes is to create a desire. An attention that take the customers to your store. Consider Ferrari racing car for example. The cars that run on the race are not meant for general people. They end up in some museum or private collection. But the brand makes a big leap when the wins the race. Same goes with runway.


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Transforming Runway Concept to Retail


But, fashion shows are not always a means for marketing. Some designers come up with concepts that applies to the common people’s choice. Converting concept to customer especially runway styles to retail store is an art. The concept showcased in the runway can go all the way to the retail stores. Clothing designer showcasing their concept with an aim to transit them to the mass are few. Collections that goes from runway to retail is a real win for the clothing designer. Because in this transition the designer has definitely gave attention to practical aspects. One such collection example is converting traditional cotton handloom to modern daily wear. Taking the concept of traditional Indian saris to prepare modern dresses. It is up to the designer how they transform the concept and make use in the daily production environment.


There clothing designers showcased their collection on various runway. But they struggling to convert their creativity to a business. Here we come in to the picture. We support fashion designers and start-up apparel brand with technical and production help. With tech pack designer, pattern maker and production unit we try to help designers in a cheapest possible way. So if you think you have talent and you desire to enter in to fashion business, we are here to help.


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