Garment Measurement Specification – Garment Fit Basics

Garment Measurement Specification – Base of Garment Fit Technique


Apparel brand need detailed garment measurement specification to make correct pattern and sample. Get ready with tech pack and spec sheet of your styles before speaking to clothing manufacturer. You can save a lot of money in your pattern design and sample development if your garment measurement specification are correct. Online stores put base size guide to help customers find the best fit for their body type. I have written a detailed article about garment measurement specification component to give a better understanding on what is it and how it works. 


The civil war was a pivotal event in the historical development of men’s ready-made clothing. During the civil war, the military used workers to sew custom-made uniforms at home under government contract. As the war continued, manufacturers started to build factories that could quickly meet the demand of military clothing. Factories feel the need to develop standard size for mass production of uniforms. They found that certain sets of measurements of the soldiers repeat with conventional regularity. Consequently, after the war, factories used military measurements as the standard measurement for commercial use.


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Ready-made clothing rarely fit due to lack of consistency in garment measurement specification. So take the help of a tech pack designer to get measurement specification for your style. Most manufacturers follow a unique random sizing system based on erroneous body data. So, you find outfits of different measurement were often labeled the same size. As a result, you end up paying some extra in the form of return charge. You must keep standard measurements constant even if you change styles.


Garment Measurement Specification


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