Freelance Fashion Designer – Support to Startup Fashion Brands

Freelance fashion designer – support start-ups apparel brand

If you are a start-up clothing brand hiring freelance fashion designer comes out to be handy. However, you cannot be sure that tech sheet prepared to resemble your idea. It needs apparel industry experience to work as an independent freelance fashion designer. Small brands and private labels have limited resource approach freelance fashion designers. It is important to hire designers with industry experience. So what it takes to become independent clothing designer and work with clients and apparel brands? You should always consider making a SWOT analysis and access the internal and external factors that drive apparel industry.


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Many fashion brands find it cost-effective to use freelance fashion designer than in-house design team. So fashion brands hire freelance fashion designer for their collection design and tech pack. There are two ways of working with freelancers. One is time bound and hourly rate and other is assigning a turn-key project. In both ways, however, the coordination with clothing designer is vital. You must make sure your ideas are well visualized by the clothing designer. This helps the technical designer design right technical specification. This saves a lot of time and money especially when you are working on an hourly rate. There are two ways where you can either give assignments. Partly with sketches to tech packs and then clothing manufacturing. It is always preferable to assign complete turn-key project with the freelance fashion designer if you are starting your clothing line.


Clothing designers working for brands exclusively focus on one or two particular segments. As a freelance fashion designer, you get to work with a various brand with diverse thought process and ideas. For example, if you are working on means wear today you might have to work for denim designs or lingerie. So for a clothing designer, it is important to open up to many diverse segments and expertise on them.


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What it Takes to become a successful freelance fashion designer


For a freelance fashion designer, three things are important.


  • 1. Create a fashion portfolio with your original designs and showcase it in various web platforms.
  • 2. Access to pattern designers and manufacturing units in the nearby area.
  • 3. You should set the deal memos right.
  • 4. You must know how to prepare tech pack for any garment style.


Freelance Fashion Designer Supporting Emerging Apparel Brand


I work with freelance fashion designer when I have more workload and delegate work to those best in their field. My first choice is how well the person coordinates with me when it comes to working. We verify and test tech packs multiple times before sending to the client. 


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