Tech Pack Design Service Provider – What You Should Know to Hire

Preparation Before Hiring Tech Pack Design Service Provider


You need good tech pack design service to execute apparel production. Manufacturers like to produce clothing with best quality in least time as needed. So they insist buyers to provide most accurate information about the garment. But this is no easy task as it looks. There are many designers who claim they can offer best tech packs but it is not about look of the sketch. It is about how easy and clear the detailing explained in it so that manufacturer face least doubt. A tech pack designer with adequate ground level experience in a garment factory is a fit here. We train our tech pack designer at our in-house production floor. So, they see the issues and learn how to overcome it. Some issues are technical and some are strategic. So if you are taking tech pack design service at Urban Purple consider that you are in safe hands.


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Steps to Follow Before Hiring an Apparel Tech Pack Design Service Provider

If there is anything that can give best products for your ideas in apparel production it starts with you. Here are some steps that you should follow when you start building your clothing brand. You must keep your vision clear for your apparel brand and make sure your vision is in writing. Prepare a document and write the key selling point of your brand. To make it more precise and understandable, make sure you know what you want and you can explain this with ease. Here are few questions below which would make it very clear what you should include in your document.


Putting Your Plans Together


    • Know your unique selling point ?


    • What age group you are targeting for your clothing brand?


    • What are the style categories you want to include in your clothing line-sheet ? Example : T-Shirts , Hoodies, Dress, etc


    • How many styles you want to add in each of your style categories ?


    • What is your expected production quantity ?


  • When do you actually want to start selling your products in market finally ?


Figure out the answers that a tech pack design service may ask. The hack is if you know the answers, you get a perfect quote from your clothing designer. Lot of start-up brands who contact me to build their clothing line do not even know what they want. So i always advise them to do some research before approaching anyone. You can get a lot of information about clothing tech pack design from the link I have mentioned.


Visualize your Apparel Collection Line-Sheet


Once you are done with your line-sheet details and list of your collection the next step is to figure out the visual part. Now pick one style at one time and figure out what it should look visually. Seems difficult for you ? No, it is not ! go to Google and search for this using google image search. Pick at least 3 images from your search for each of your style and save it in one folder. Name the folder with the style name. It is always good to give a unique name to your style. For example for a t-shirt give the name #TS001 . This way you will be very clear what you want from the style you are about to design. Do this for each of the style from every category. Now you are ready to hunt for a Tech Pack Design Service Provider. enjoy!!

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