Technical Clothing Designer Role with Growing Fashion Labels In USA

Technical Clothing Designer Role In Building your Brand


Support of a technical clothing designer is handy to start your clothing brand. To start your clothing brand, it is important to comprehend the structure and process. To do so if you are by side of a tech pack designer it would give you a great support. The role of a technical clothing designer is crucial to give a boost to your brand. They play an important role in converting ideas to a real and wearable fashion style. And from a business point of view they make your idea affordable and production friendly. Yet, fashion brands do not apprehend the role of a technical clothing designer. Especially start-ups approach clothing manufacturer without tech pack and end up with disaster. We offer affordable tech pack design service to brands all over the world. We also have in-house clothing manufacturing unit that support start-up fashion brand.


Technical Clothing Designer


Role of Technical Clothing Designer


Many confuse about the role of a technical clothing designer with creative designer. Start-up clothing brands are unclear about the role of a technical clothing designer. That leads them to fall in to wrong hands and end up costing more. This I can say because out of 10 emails i get from start-up apparel brands only one or two know what is a tech pack. So, offering tech pack design service especially new start-up brands is challenging. So for tech pack designer, the first challenge is to make brands educate and then offer your service. Technical clothing designer takes your raw idea and convert it in to a blue print. A technical document that a factory uses to streamline their production. Also uses the vectors given in the tech pack to develop print screen, embroidery. Factory use those tech packs as the guideline to develop sample and bulk production.


Preparations for Starting a Clothing Brand


If you ask me what to do to run a successful business my opinion would be do what you are good at. And outsource things that you think would cost more if you do them by yourself. As a brand owner your focus should be how to gather crowd for your sales. I have seen many people who fail because they have their say in every department. When you are spending days and weeks on something that you should not be doing then you are loosing money and time.


I run a fashion studio and a clothing manufacturing unit. And I make sure both my unit never collide rather compliment. The co-ordination between the studio and the factory what makes it unique. This helps my customers like big and small apparel brand come to me and get their products right. I have done my research and found that start-up brands find it difficult get things right. This is because they find it difficult to get a factory and a tech pack designer at one place. My business model is to solve this issue where they can get everything at one place. This helps them focus more on their sales efforts and grow their business. And starting a clothing brand needs little bit of research. You can visit some of my articles here at clothing tech pack design and be prepared beforehand.


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