Technical Clothing Designer Role with Growing Fashion Labels In USA

Technical Clothing Designer

The role of technical clothing designer is crucial for the success and failure of an apparel brand building. They play an important role in converting ideas to a real and wearable fashion style. From a business point of view, they make the garment affordable and production friendly. Yet, fashion brands do not recognize the role of a technical clothing designer. Especially start-ups approach clothing manufacturer without preparing tech packs. They try to skip tech pack design and directly approach clothing manufacturers. We at Urban Purple offer affordable tech pack design service for the USA apparel brands along with clothing manufacturing.

Technical Clothing Designer


Role of Technical Clothing Designer


There is confusion with a large number of people about the role of a technical clothing designer. They confuse between creative designers and technical clothing designers. What a Technical clothing designer is and what they do are still unclear to clothing brands. A few brands know the service of technical clothing design in the USA. So, offering tech pack design service for the USA customers especially new start-up brands is challenging. Very few apparel brands have the knowledge of what a tech pack is. So for a technical designer, the first challenge is to make the brand owners understand what is a tech pack before offering their service. Those brands who understand how an apparel tech pack helps to execute production hire a technical designer to prepare the tech packs for their collection. You can now more about fashion tech pack and its importance in an apparel production.


A technical clothing designer converts ideas and rough sketches to factory understandable tech packs.  Manufacturers use those tech packs as the guideline to develop sample and produce garments. They make a blueprint and set plans for clothing manufacturers, set apparel production process. So, for a fashion brand, it’s important to take the of a tech pack designer. This would support the clothing manufacturers in executing sample development and apparel production process.  We assist apparel brands with our service of technical clothing design in the USA. So, if you are an apparel start-up, take the support of technical clothing designer to develop your collection line sheet.

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