Garment Manufacturing Process From Sketch to Product

Garment Manufacturing Process from Sketch to Product

Stick to garment manufacturing process for a stable growth of your fashion brand. To grow your business revenues, you must match yours products with customer expectation. In a competitive market, the key is the price point, especially in apparel. For a fashion brand, you can achieve this by optimizing your cost from top to bottom. But this is not the only solution, in fact, it may harm you even more. I have my experience with many clients who want to cut the cost in the planning stage itself. 90% of them fail miserably when it comes to producing their garments. Because they do not have any standard maintained from the beginning. Believe it or not, 99% of the new start-up brands have no idea what a clothing manufacturer gives to them. What they care is low cost.


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Startup life of an apparel brand can be quite daunting, as I’ve experienced myself and while mentoring numerous clothing line. The toughest aspects of building an apparel brand are trying to get customers to buy your clothing and buy them again and again regularly. Customer care about good quality products at a cheaper price. Accept the fact that you cannot offer both at the same time. You have to cap it at some point or other. This depends on how you are optimizing cost in apparel design and production. Marketing your products comes later once you have your products in your warehouse. Small quantity apparel production has always been the challenge for brands. For clothing manufacturers, it is a game of quantity. They make their profit based on the quantity they produce. So if you start your brand there are no way you can avoid investment.


Finding One Step Service from Sketch to Product in Fashion Business


There are many clothing manufacturers and agencies who offer end to end service. You can indeed find a vendor who has garment manufacturing process From sketch to product. Urban Purple is a fashion services agency specializing in clothing design, tech pack design and clothing manufacturing. Founded in response to an overwhelming demand for apparel technical design and clothing manufacturing service for the fashion industry. Urban Purple is structured to help our clients in their fashion venture with our end to end garment design and manufacturing service from concept to customer. We support our clients by working closely with them to identify core brand objectives and execute their ideas to live apparel collection line sheet.


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