Garment Manufacturing Process From Sketch to Product

Garment Manufacturing Process  seems quite complicated. But its simple if you give little attention to it. Understanding the process is Important Especially for those who are planning their first drop.  First drop is very important and needs to be perfect from every end. This creates an impression and sets a tone of  your business direction. Avoid to give excuse attitude . Even if you start small it needs to be perfect from every end. So following the process is even more important. Our team of tech pack designer put enough efforts that helps you build your fashion line to life. As a reader you are also a part of this family and we would love it if you share it on your favorite online community. Please share it to your friends starting there brand and seek information support. They will thank you for it!

Garment Manufacturing Process

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Factors Help Customers Stick to Your Brand


I came across a client who had few very interesting queries apart from her collection design. She asked when a customer look at a clothing brand’s online store, what makes it stick to that online store? What is that a customer sees on an online store and want to come back again and again? This made me think, its not just the product that is enough. You need a presentable online store with attractive online store. Your online store home page, layouts and navigation needs to be user friendly. You can retain customers by your quality product. But first the customers need to step in to your store.


Garment Manufacturing Process from Sketch to Product


Stick to garment manufacturing process for a stable growth of your fashion brand. To grow your business revenues, you must match yours products with customer expectation. In a competitive market, the key is the price point, especially in apparel. For a fashion brand, you can achieve this by optimizing your cost from top to bottom. But this is not the only solution, in fact, it may harm you even more. I have my experience with many clients who want to cut the cost in the planning stage itself. 90% of them fail miserably when it comes to producing their garments. Because they do not have any standard maintained from the beginning. Believe it or not, 99% of the new start-up brands have no idea what a clothing manufacturer gives to them. What they care is low cost.


Factors Driving High Quality Products at a Lower Cost The Garment Manufacturing Process Insight.


apparel production process, Garment Manufacturing Process


Every Brand wants to get their merchandise that are high in quality and at a lower cost. This drives the need for optimal efficiency in the garment manufacturing process. Efficiency in garment manufacturing process is an out come of 4 driving factors. We can can classify as 4 Ms. Manpower, Machinery, Material and Methods. An well equipped factory needs trained manpower to operate high quality machines. So to get the maximal output a factory must have those 4 factors in balance and that is the key to serve the customers. Urban Purple is a small setup with a capacity to produce 500 units / day. But we take the garment manufacturing process very seriously. We focus on giving the best quality merchandise to our clients. And this is possible through experienced manpower and well equipped machinery.


Starting phase of an apparel brand can be quite daunting, as I’ve experienced myself and while mentoring numerous clothing line. The toughest aspects of building an apparel brand are trying to get customers to buy your clothing and buy them again and again regularly. Customer care about good quality products at a cheaper price. Accept the fact that you cannot offer both at the same time. You have to cap it at some point or other. This depends on how you are optimizing cost in apparel design and production. Marketing your products comes later once you have your products in your warehouse. Small quantity apparel production has always been the challenge for brands. For clothing manufacturers, it is a game of quantity. They make their profit based on the quantity they produce. So if you start your brand there are no way you can avoid investment.


Optimize Your ROI  with Effective Garment Manufacturing Process


The process starts from how you are planning your collection. I know you are a creative person and want to showcase your creativity. At the same time do not forget you are entering in to a competitive business where cost is one of the most important factor.  So planning from the beginning is very important.  To begin with you can refer to my blog post ” How to Give Your Style Idea a Shape for Clothing Manufacturer“. This will help you organize your collection line-sheet. Once you are done with this process you can approach a freelance fashion designer to prepare the tech packs and garment measurement spec sheet. 


Finding One Step Service from Sketch to Product in Fashion Business


Fashion studio Urban Purple is an Integrated fashion studio and clothing manufacturing unit. We offer end to end supply chain to apparel brands under one roof. Our tech pack designers convert creative ideas to tech packs that factories understand. And we offer clothing manufacturing service for startup apparel brands. Our MOQ is low and we try to give optimal solution to brand so that they can profit from limited investment. We suggest what goes the best for every style and that helps our client to decide what works best for our clients. We also have our online Tech Pack Template store that helps clients get their tech packs. For custom apparel production our technical designers help.


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