Technical Fashion Designer Role in Clothing Manufacturing Process

Choosing Right Technical Fashion Designer and Apparel Manufacturer for Start-up Clothing Line

I have consulted many clothing brands as a technical fashion designer. My experience says it take a lot of efforts to run a successful apparel brand. To start a fashion line it takes a lot of efforts . You need to be multi-tasking. especially in the field of fashion where things change every day. Moreover, managing every aspect is a bigger challenge. You need to manage your vendors, sales, design, creativity, and logistics. So focusing every department is bit tough and managing them becomes a challenge. So, delegate your responsibility to right people and empower them. When you are in a business you cannot avoid investment. You must agree that you cannot do everything by yourself. And you need technical fashion designers, a clothing manufacturer, and logistic support. You also need a sales force to bring orders to your business.


Technical Fashion Designer & Apparel Manufacturer


Why Hire a Technical Clothing Designer from Start


To set things right for your fashion brand you need a person who can support and consult you from start till end. A technical fashion designer would be the most appropriate person who can support all throughout. The technical designer has the experience working with every aspect of garment production life cycle. So he understands the minute techniques and process that goes into every process. Moreover, you need a tech pack designer to from the beginning of your apparel branding process. A technical fashion designer can support in sourcing right fabric, finding correct clothing manufacturer etc. Technical fashion designer can also guide you in optimizing your consumption and wastage. So it’s worth investing on an experienced technical clothing designer.


Garment Manufacturer


Technical Clothing Designer and Clothing Manufacturing Support


You are starting a brand so prepare yourself to invest. If you think you can do them at a cheap price forget it and believe me this is the harsh reality. There is a famous proverb “if you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. There are clothing design service providers who get service in cheap. I come across with a lot of clothing brands who take the service just because they give in a cheap rate. The result is they have to make the whole thing all over again. This is a common situation with many apparel brands who are starting and have a limited budget.


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