Apparel Technical Package Development Construction Details

Garment Construction Details in Apparel Technical Package


We all know how important apparel technical package is for executing apparel production. Yet, many brands try to avoid this especially when they start their clothing venture. Manufacturing apparel line from scratch? And you have no idea where to start? Then you are at right place and you can expect to get all information you need to get going. When you decide to start apparel line from scratch it is important that you do some research. Many hold their plan as they do not have adequate information on how they should go ahead further. As a clothing designer, I get queries and in numbers. So, this time, I thought to give a try to solve as many queries as possible through this post. In this case, I am going to explain on a case to case basis with real-time examples of queries I received.

 apparel technical package

It is imperative that you need clothing designer to give shape to your brand. Especially for new startups, you need to deal with processes from design to sales. This includes apparel tech pack design, manufacturing, logistic and warehouse management. To get the right focus you need professional technical clothing designer from beginning. A well thought-out business plan will give your business a greater chance at success. It also helps you avoid common pitfalls, such as unrealistic predictions of expenses. A good starting point is to source a freelance fashion designer and manufacturer. One who take your ideas, make it factory ready tech packs that factories understand.


Apparel Technical Package Development Process


Apparel tech pack development starts once client approves and confirms the fashion flat. Tech Packs are the set of instructions that manufacturers follow to develop sample. So a tech pack designer must keep in mind every aspect that a manufacturer need. Moreover, with the tech pack, you can choose the correct manufacturer. Not every manufacturer produces all products. Every manufacturing unit has their specialty and they only focus on one segment. For example, denim manufacturer can only produce denim garments. They focus on only denim pants and jackets. And knitwear producer focuses only on t-shirts tops related to knitted jersey fabrics. So when you decide the design and tech pack you will know whom to contact. A Technical design can help you sourcing the right clothing manufacturer. This helps in building your further business plan according to your budget.


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