Why Brands Struggle in Getting Right Techpack Design

Challenges faced by fashion brands Getting Techpack Design & Manufacturing?

Often brands struggle to get right techpack design and clothing manufacturers? Do you relate yourself or have you faced the same difficulty? Then you are reading it right. We are going to discover the causes of slows down garment production. Garment manufacturing is a process-oriented industry where everything produced separate before assembling. In a broad way we can divide the production process into two parts. Preproduction preparation and second assembling and finishing. Preproduction involves fabric & trim sourcing, print screen, embroidery and pattern making. So it is the duty of a tech pack designer to point out the processes for manufacturer. A well formed techpack design must have all components interlinked yet explained independently. Well if you want to know what goes in a tech pack refer to my article on components of tech pack. We are going to examine what goes wrong in a apparel production and how to overcome.


technical drawing - techpack design


Improper Explanation of Product idea

Many times buyers fail to communicate their vision to the creative team or designers. Reasons could be conflicting communication or frequent changes for a particular detailing. Frequent changes in style detailing can also lead to delay or cause issues in sampling. These are few of the issues every clothing manufacturer face. 90% comes from buyers who do not have techpack design. As a result there is delay in sampling, production issues and faulty output.


Difficulty in Sourcing due to Production Quantity


We can see this with an example of an industrial embroidery machine. An Industrial embroidery machine has 18 heads and can produce 18 embroidery patches. If you need 6 patches still you have to use the whole machine capacity. In this case, you are making 12 heads of an industrial machine running unproductive. Same goes for a stitching unit. Start-up fashion brand struggles to meet the MOQ of a clothing manufacturer. They don’t have the market where they can leverage their products. On the top of it, they lack investment that matches the MOQ of clothing manufacturers. So, the only option they have is to slug till they can reach a level where they can match the MOQ. 


Overcoming Challenge of Small Quantity Apparel Production


You can overcome the challenges by planning your line sheet in such a way that you can meet the MOQ. So, you need an able tech pack designer and unit to support your small run production. A challenge but you can achieve this if you can plan your collection line-sheet with a tech pack designer. What you need is some cooperative factors like designers and garment manufacturers. You can avail cluster of our services for collection design, production and promotion. We support all that an apparel brand needs to lift off ground and find its brand identity. And we offer this under one roof so that our customer can get all support at an optimize cost. Also, consult brands on how they can fit their line sheet with their limited investment.


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