Role of a Tech Pack Designer In Garment Manufacturing Life Cycle

We specialize in tech packs and giving technical consultation and support to brands. Incubating fashion brands and private labels is our forte. We are a group of specialist tech pack designer offering brands an end to end supply chain.



Tech Pack Designer as Support System in Clothing Industry


We design collection of a brand under the supervision of garment fit technicians. We induct tech pack designer and fit technician who specialize on the category. For example, if we are developing denim then the tech pack designer is a denim specialist. So, the process is precise and that’s why takes little time. This is a tedious process and designers put their skills in patterns, fashion flats and material selection. We prepare tech packs keeping clothing manufacturer understanding ability in mind. We understand every style is unique and needs specialist clothing manufacturer to produce. So We help our clients choosing the right clothing manufacturing unit to produce. This process is more deep than it looks on the surface. So, every brand needs technical consultation to choose the right vendor. We offer technical consultation starting from beginning to make sure the collection comes out perfect.


Planning Your Collection Before Investing on Clothing Manufacturing


It is always better to go slow than going to the wrong hands in the rush. Building a brand is a continuous process and needs steady and non ending efforts till it reaches a level. There is a lot of effort that goes in to introducing an apparel brand. So, choosing right fashion tech pack designer and clothing manufacturer is key. If you have got it can ease more half of your work. Our team of qualified professional will guide you through this process. We assist you in applying design aesthetics and functional details to your collection. So if you are starting your own fashion label, feel free to reach us out. We assure you the best solution that fits your bill and this is a promise.


We serve both large and successful brands an also startups. Most brands have the genuine opinion about Urban Purple. As an integrated fashion studio and apparel unit we have served all kind of brands small or big. We help you start your fashion label and take your brand to the next level. We have worked with different brands with diversified needs. This helps us gain experience in almost every category of product development. Based in Bangalore Silk of India, we have collaboration with clothing manufacturers. Every product we make is produced by skilled top rated industrial labors globally. We are available to any customer queries through either by call or through email 24/7. We are available to take your call and guide you through all the process. Check our fashion portfolio and you’ll find more reason to work with Urban Purple.


About Our Design Head


I am a technical designer and I have been in the business of fashion for more than 12 years. It’s quite sad to say technical designers from west ask one fundamental question. What is the difference between specification sheet and tech pack in fashion? So, it is important that designers should know what a tech pack is and how important is a technical designer. It is imperative to hire tech pack designer unless you have experience in tech pack. Tech pack is the document required in every aspect of clothing manufacturing process. Apparel pattern maker need the tech pack to prepare the pattern. Below is the reason why a pattern maker needs tech pack.



Importance of Tech Pack Designer in Pattern Making


Pattern maker need technical flats in to have an understanding of the style. So designer should include every detailing such as buttons, zippers cuts, and folds. This helps the pattern maker to mark the detailing on the pattern which later used in cutting.


Tech Pack Designer must include clear and accurate measurements with graphical measurement guideline. This should include accurate body measurements needed to prepare the pattern. Spec sheet also mention the garment sample size, allowances for each successive size.


Fabric detailing in a tech pack is also useful for making a pattern. This gives a clear idea to the pattern maker about how flexible or stiff the fabric is. It also or show features like grain line, prints that pattern maker should care about.


So you can not ignore the role of a technical designer in clothing manufacturing process. Because he sets the base for a style and draws the critical paths in garment manufacturing cycle.



Importance of Tech Pack Designer in Preparing Bills of Material


There are several factors affect the cost of production in a clothing manufacturing. You see two broad categories of factor like style details and buyer’s order quantity. Both the factors are interdependent. So, you cannot get the exact cost of production without knowing order quantity and tech pack. Based on the MOQ we prepare a checklist to get per piece production cost of the garment. In technical terms, you may call these bills of material for garment manufacturing. When you approach a garment manufacturer to produce your garment style they ask for a tech pack. Because with tech pack and order quantity, clothing manufacturer calculates the production cost. This is how they can give you the exact cost of production. So apparel brands must prepare the tech pack before approaching any clothing manufacturer.


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