Specialized Clothing Design and Tech Pack Development Service for Apparel Brands



Clothing designers from Fashion Studio Urban Purple design clothing and develop clothing tech sheets with the following Detailing. The Tech Packs are 100% Factory Ready for your clothing brands. You can produce those tech packs to prepare your garment sample and produce clothing in mass. The Tech Packs contains the following components which are required for any apparel production unit to get the instructions and produce your garments.

Tech Pack Contains:

1. Flat ( Over all illustration )
2. Color Combo ( 3 colors )
3. Stitching Details
4. Graphical Measurement Details
5. Graphic Details
6. Graphic Placement Details
7. Embroidery details
8. Trim Placement Details
9. Fabric Details
10. Measurement Spec Sheet.
11. Size Gradations
12. Measurement Spec Sheet with Size Gradation


Things You You You should do before Hiring Tech Pack Design Service


You need to do some work by yourself before you seek a tech pack design service provider. The first thing is, you should know and realize what you are doing. To be specific your collection ideas must be in order with visual representation. Also your style ideas should also have your personal comments or notes for every style. You should be ready with the above details before you seek any tech pack design service. This will save your time and money. New and upcoming brands often fail to convey their design ideas in proper way. That is why they end up paying more and do not get what they want.


How much does Design and Tech Sheet Client need to know. So do designers.


While hireling a clothing designer many clients think designers are just buying time to figure out how much the client a can afford if they get an immediate quote. But what good would that do? Designers are by no means guaranteed the business, so it makes more sense to offer a quote as soon as possible. When it comes to my work or projects I feel every project is fresh and distinct in its own way so as the clients. So I can’t and don’t want to provide a client a quote in a vague idea or with one liner mail from a client. Because no project is the same, and every client differs, I can’t provide clients with an accurate quote until I know exactly what is needed, and I won’t know those needs until I have asked questions. A lot of designers struggle with pricing, and I’m regularly asked how I work it out. As much as I want to, I can’t tell you what to charge, and the design pricing formula explains why. No-one knows better than you how much talent you have and every project specification is different. If your client is asking for a rush-job, they’ll expect to pay a higher rate. The physical location of my clients doesn’t change what I charge, but it could alter what the client is willing to spend. For Any Queries Related to Apparel Design , Tech Packs and Garment Manufacturing Please feel Free to Get in Touch with us Through The Contact Form Below.

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