Tech Pack Design – Basic Requisite for Clothing Manufacturing Process

Tips to Reduce Clothing Manufacturing Errors – Tech Pack Design


We see most of all new clothing brands know little about what a tech pack design is and why brands need. Tech pack design shows the pathway for clothing manufacturers to develop a garment. But tech pack design is a point often overlooked by start-up clothing brands. As a result, almost 90% of the production fail to achieve the quality brands need. By all means, you must make sure the product you are developing has a proper blueprint and plan. You invite trouble when you give incomplete information to a clothing manufacturer. So let’s figure out what a tech pack design is and why brands need tech pack for each of their style.


What is a Tech Pack


When you approach a clothing manufacturer to develop and produce a garment they ask for a tech pack. “Tech pack is a collection of information put together by a technical clothing designer in a structured way to enable clothing manufacturer to understand how to prepare a garment. Tech pack contains necessary information about the garment such as fabrics, color, trims, printing techniques, measurements etc. A tech pack is a structured piece of information that a clothing designer creates with each detailing mentioned in it. Information a clothing manufacturer needs to understand how to make a garment. It contains every detailing such as fabric detail, stitching, prints, embroidery, washing, packaging etc. And the information given are in a systematic manner. Usually, a tech pack contains the following information.


Clothing Designer Tech Pack Design

Tech Pack Design Components


The technical clothing design as done in our fashion studio


  • 1. Rendered Illustration, Flat sketch. ( shows both front and back look of the style)
  • 2. Color combos details with rendered Illustration and Pantone TPX color mentioned
  • 3.Construction details with zoomed illustrated details of important areas of clothing.
  • 4. Stitching & construction details
  • 5. Graphic print details with color combos.
  • 6. Graphic Placement Details. The placement of the graphics on the style say a t-shirt.
  • 7. Measurement spec sheet with size gradation (Included measurement of all sizes)
  • 8. Trim details (labels, accessories etc)
  • 9. Measurement spec sheet for 4 sizes , small , medium , large and extra large.
  • 10. Bills of Material(BOM). List of materials such as buttons, zippers, fabric etc


To prepare yourself to start a clothing brand we have mentioned the pre-requisites before. If you still want to know the process, refer How to build a clothing brand. You need to have your background work done before approaching a technical clothing designer. So to create tech packs for your collection line sheet things that you need are as below. if you are new to the field of apparel production and branding I would always advise consulting a technical clothing designer.


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