Pattern Maker Basic Need for Apparel Graded Pattern Making

Importance of Tech Pack and Spec Sheet for Apparel Pattern Maker

Pattern maker needs the support of a technical designer to prepare pattern in many ways. It is vital to have the tech pack for making the pattern. Pattern maker needs to understand the style and should be able to visualize the style. For this the flat sketch / technical flat drawing of the style is important. Fashion flat sketch in tech pack design serves this purpose. Without flat sketch, it is difficult to instruct the style to pattern maker and how to cut pattern parts.


Pattern Maker and Technical Designer


Importance Trims Placement Detailing for Pattern Maker


Buttons, zippers, cuts and folds are small detailing but are vital when it comes to pattern making. Pattern master must know the placement and functions of those to add them in the pattern. Technical designer includes those details under stitching and construction part of tech pack. So this is the small but very significant part that a pattern maker needs to cut the pattern. So, the tech pack designer must include trims, their placements, and functionalities detail. There are many articles that can give you detail information about tech pack design and components of tech packs


Need for Fabric Detailing for Pattern Making


Another detail that a pattern designer need is fabric details. Every one of us knows that fabric shrinks on a wash. Also, fabrics with stretch ability and expand or shrink during garment manufacturing process. Keeping these characteristics in mind a pattern maker has to adjust the pattern. Another small but very important detail to mark is the grain lines of the fabrics. It is always important to mark grain line in the pattern so that fabric cutter check when cutting fabric. Pattern designer must know how flexible or stiff the fabric is. Also, other features like grain lines and print pattern that could affect the pattern. Pattern design is not just measuring the specs and cutting pattern rather it has more of understanding that what it looks. 

CAD Apparel Pattern

Need for Graded Measurement Spec-Sheet for Pattern Making


Last but not the least, graded measurement spec sheet in a tech pack is a must to prepare the pattern for each size. The technical drawing must also include detailed measurement spec sheet, front, and back. Fits of the garment style depend on the measurements given on the garment. So without referring the measurement spec sheet, garment pattern maker cannot proceed. So measurement chart with a clear measurement of each body measurement needed. Also, allowances and size gradation are vital for preparing sizes of a garment style. To get different sizes for the style measurement gradation is important. Graded measurement specification sheet is always handy for pattern maker when preparing pattern.


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