Washing Detail and Wash Care In Clothing Tech Packs

Washing Detail in Tech Pack Design-Clothing Designer Tips and Tricks

I came across a case with that happened with one of my new clients. She has ordered some pure silk dresses from china. On arrival, she thought she would give a wash to some of the dress and then check for the fitting. Upon washing the garments she found that the dresses are almost 2 inches shorter both length and width wise. She was furious and started blaming the manufacturer for the deviation in measurements. After a close observation, she found that the dress which was not washed is having perfect measurement whereas the one after the wash has shriveled more than 8%. Now, what was missing? The Washing Detail in care labels and wash care detailing in the garment. So technical clothing tech sheet must know what washing details and wash care to put in the tech sheet.


Washing detail is important to instruct customer how to handle the garment while washing. So technical designer must mention it at the time of preparing pack itself. Washing detail is a must not only for the customer but also for pattern maker, washing units as well. If the fabric is prone to shrinkage, pattern maker should prepare shrinkage pattern. In the same way, at the time of final washing of the garment, washing unit must check the wash care label. This is especially relevant for garments made of material prone to shrinkage.


Washing Detail in Denim Tech Packs - Clothing Designer


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