How to Give Color Code for Styles when Adding Colorways Tech Pack

Adding Colorways in Tech Pack Design & Garment Manufacturing

Adding colorways to tech pack is my general practice for every tech pack that I develop. I give three color combos for each style I develop and that is a general practice in our studio. But most of the time we speak to any new client they ask what is the charge for each colorway that we give in the tech pack. A tech pack should contain the color variation of the style to showcase what option a buyer can produce. So the technical designer must add colorway while developing the tech pack. In this post, we are going to reveal what a colorway or color combo means in a tech pack.


Adding Colorways in Tech Pack - Clothing Designer


Colorway or color combo in a tech pack means the variation of colors that is possible in a particular style. For example, a t-shirt can tech pack can have colors like blue, purple or red etc. We should take prints, embroideries, and trims into consideration with base fabric. So when we are changing the color of fabric we have to see that the trims, prints etc should also match with fabric. Every color has a particular color code and In fashion, industry we use Pantone colors. Usually, a particular color has its color code like for royal blue we have PANTONE 19-3955 TPX. Clothing designers use these codes for each of the colors that they use in the tech pack.


Color Forecaste - Clothing Designer

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