Apparel Sample Development Process and Prerequisites

Apparel Sample Development and Production Made Easy

Apparel sample development and approval is top priority step before final production. This is to make sure the design, tech sheet, and patterns you have developed are correct. So, approaching clothing manufacturer, make sure you approve the apparel sample in all aspects. We understand the pros and cons we may face during the final manufacturing process. We make sure the Style is coming out correct and is production friendly. Like most of all manufacturers, we also offer sample development as a paid service. We charge sample development fee for those clients who start their project with us for the first time. Also, this charge is refundable if the client places the order for those same styles. We develop the sample for those clients who continue with us for their regular orders with us.


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Phases of Sample Development Before Apparel Manufacturing


We develop fit sample first and send to our clients with measurement spec sheet to confirm fit. If the client needs any alteration we can adjust the measurement spec sheet and pattern. We must achieve the right fit before the final sample development. You can pin, tap and cut the fit sample if there is any alteration needed. You can send the modified sample to us. This is the ideal to give us your comment for any alteration.  Include as many notes and sketches as necessary. We do minor revisions without doing sample again if the revision is minor.


We develop the final pre-production sample with size gradation once client confirms the fits. Pre-Production sample can also use as photo shoot sample for e-Store, shows. Also, clients can showcase their products in the physical store. Production sample is the replica of production pics. Production sample protects you from receiving a different model. When you receive the full order, you have a pattern to check the quality and other details.


All standard clothing manufacturers follow the same sample development process. Yet, sample development process also depends on the size of the order. If clients order quantity is low developing sample becomes quite expensive. That’s why the client has to bear the sample development cost if the order quantity is lower than the MOQ. Most Clothing Manufacturers do not like to make the sample without bulk production confirmation. All this process comes our right if you have a proper tech pack for the style. So you need a tech pack designer who can organize your idea in a way that a factory understands. Please refer to our blog clothing tech pack for more details about what is a tech pack. 



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