Choosing Ideal Factory For Custom Apparel Production

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Pointers to Choose Right Apparel Production Unit


Choosing ideal factory For custom apparel production is a challenge. Garment factory producing garment in bulk are dime a dozen. Every country produces garments in big and small scale these days. But, the challenge is to find and approach the right manufacturer that suits for your brand. Startup apparel brands have lack understanding on how to approach a clothing manufacturer. You think its silly right ? Actually its not that simple as it looks. Remember you are not approaching a clothing manufacturer to buy something. You are sourcing a factory so that you can produce your ideas to a tangible and salable product. In this case you are trying to convey your idea and expecting the factory to execute your design. However, the ground reality is factories prefer to follow the process of working. Because, workers do not understand instructions if not given in a certain format.


So, in this post I am trying to jute a simple guide to working with clothing manufacturers. In this guide i have put 5 points that you must know while working with a clothing manufacturer. You must know the 12 questions to ask the clothing manufacturer. We will be discussing those 5 points one by one in this post and the 2nd part of this post


Things to Do Before Approaching Clothing Manufacturer


Dealing with clothing manufacturers especially without proper technical document is a nightmare. Its not that clothing manufacturer will cheat you. The reason is not the trust rather its the communication gap. The problem can be from your end or may be the issue with clothing manufacturer. 90% manufacturers charge you almost double when you approach them without any preparation. Because they know for the fact that they have to put some extra efforts understanding your idea. And they don’t have time to do that. I mean its fair, everyone wants to save time and make money and this illusion is not helping them making money.


Few Pointers to Consider when Choosing Factory Producing Garment for Your Custom Apparel Production.


Step 1: Prepare your collection line-sheet. I have explained this in detail ” how to give your style idea a shape “. You can follow this to prepare your collection line-sheet. Once you complete your collection line-sheet its time to contact a tech pack designer. A tech pack helps you in many ways. Saves time , money as you can avoid several revisions and courier cost. Because, tech pack communicate your vision to the sample maker with precision. A detailed sketches and tech pack is helpful and add value to your collection. Moreover, your sample maker and clothing manufacturer will take you very.


Step 2: Sourcing right factory producing garment for Sample Development and Production. Not all apparel contractors make all kind of apparel. Some specialized in knitted garment, some in woven and some in denim. So depending on your style details you must find the right factory which can develop your sample. So, With a tech pack the factory will tell you weather they can do it or not. If they do not have the capability, you have every chance that you get a reference of the factory that can produce.


Step 3: Determine your production count for each style. Based on your production quantity you can sort your clothing manufacturer. MOQ varies from factories to factories. The larger the production run the lower the cost. If you do not have a distribution chain, I recommend hedging your bet and doing a smaller production run. Storing your product while finding buyers could add to your cost.


Step 4: Use social media to source your buyers. If you are getting in to e-commerce, it is very effective to pitch your product. Trade Exhibition and events also helps pushing your brand up.


Want a basic tech pack for producing garments, A t-shirt, hoodie or sweat shirt. Save money and use the tech pack template from our online store . No need to hire a technical fashion designer and pay hefty design charge. Download the base tech pack and send it to the manufacturer with your logo. Any factory producing garment can understand and work using these tech pack.Helps save a lot of your time and money.


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