Build Clothing Brand with limited Investment

Build Clothing Brand with limited Investment


Build Clothing Brand with Limited Investment


Tips to Build Clothing Brand with Limited Investment


To build clothing brand with limited investment is difficult for clothing designers with no contacts in apparel industry. Especially,  for start-ups cost of making design come to live is a tough task. You can cut the cost of your brand building and apparel production. Yes! this is possible. Follow the steps to cut cost and increase your profit level and production efficiency. Here are some tips to build clothing brand with low investment.


  • Keep Your Designs Simple : Keeping your designs simple and make it easy for factories to execute production. Factories delay production or can not live up to the quality due to lack of clarity in style pattern.
  • Choose Fabrics Easily Available :  Mostly new designers and clothing line do not consider the difficulty of fabric sourcing. With special fabrics and low order quantity, sourcing becomes difficult. Therefore, stick to available fabrics like 100% Cotton both Knitted and Woven. Hence, stick to materials which are easily available yet keeping styles different.
  • Branding Accessories In Multiple Styles : Make sure you keep your Branding accessories sourced or produced easily. Especially,  if you want a metal zipper embossed with your brand logo the cost of embossing and MOQ goes beyond 1000 pics. Therefore, use accessory with multiple styles of collection your line-sheet.
  • Limit Color Variations : Almost all Start-up clothing line with low order quantity, struggle in sourcing fabrics. Hence, we recommend you to loop clothing designer or fabric sourcing. Club fabrics in different styles and colorways as much as possible using same fabric. For low quantity production you should source fabrics that are easily available.

Clothing Unit Supporting Small Start-up Apparel Brand

Fashion Studio Urban Purple a fashion consulting firm with in-house clothing unit offer apparel design and production service to brands. We at Urban Purple offer Apparel Design, Tech Packs, Clothing Manufacturing and eCommerce Web Development service. Avail our service to build brand from scratch. Consult our clothing designer and production consultants to get your brand off ground. Build clothing brand with limited investment with all service at one place rather sourcing everything differently.

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