Clothing Manufacturer For Small Start up Fashion Line

Clothing Manufacturer Collaboration

Clothing manufacturer for start-up Brand to give a kick-start


Clothing Manufacturer always avoid start-up brands. The reason is it’s always difficult to match the required production quantity and manufacturers MOQ ( minimum order quantity ). Ideas from start-ups fail either because clothing manufacturers deny to co-operate with small MOQ or charge so high that price of end product goes beyond retail price. So start-up brands fail to launch their business and leave the idea in between.


Quantity that a buyer can afford to produce and clothing manufacturer MOQ is a matter of negotiation. Over 90% of brands and clothing manufacturers face this and lead to a failed business relation. This is because they find it difficult to find a Clothing Manufacturers for Small Batch Quantity. However, keeping good faith and understanding manufacturing difficulties can come to a win-win situation. Of course in a business you need to be in a win-win situation. When a brand wants to get most out of his minimum investment the manufacturer is also has some cost to pay. Manufacture has workers to pay and raw materials to source and many other costs to take care. Above all he also needs a small chunk for himself. This is going to be a deadlock if both don’t come to a situation that brings some point where both can lock to something and move on.


Fashion Studio Urban Purple – A Support System for Start-Ups


To meet win-win situation clothing manufacturer and brand has to agree upon some point. There are effective ways to start an apparel business with limited income without affecting manufacturers. Bottom line is to empower new brand from start to a profit-making business. We have all necessary infrastructure an apparel brand need to start and grow with us. A fashion design studio and apparel production unit and eCommerce Web Development Company. See our Next Post ” build a clothing brand with minimal Investment” if you are looking forward to start your clothing business. Both manufacturer and clothing brand can collaborate and work together for a shared goal of optimizing profit. We serve a lot of new clothing line with apparel design, clothing manufacturing and branding. We also support in Marketing through web social media and eCommerce Website Design.


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