Clothing Manufacturer For Small Start up Fashion Line

Clothing manufacturer always avoid startups. Because it’s always difficult to match the required MOQ. Clothing manufacturer offer few customization of articles of clothing. You can get color options and may be with sizes. They will ask order quantity and then tech pack. Making one or two pieces will not help them as it does not pay enough if they start making custom clothing. Yet few can do some amount of customization with less quantity. Ideas from start-ups fail because clothing manufacturers deny to co-operate with small MOQ. If not so manufacturers charge so high that price of end product goes beyond retail price. So start-up brands fail to launch their business and leave the idea in-between.


Clothing Manufacturer Collaboration


Hi Readers, Welcome to Urban Purple! I am Paromita your favorite technical designer. I welcome you to the most researched and equipped place of fashion design workshop. You have reached to the place where we listen to your queries and give our suggestion that best suits your pocket. We choose our technical designers with real talent in them and make sure our customers gets the best out of it. You are one click away. Give your queries and we make sure you get the right suggestion. Do business with us or not but you will gain something from us. This is my Promise to my blog readers and potential clients. Connect with US here and open the world of opportunity you have been seeing for long time. Ok lets Continue to the topic.


Planning the Collection Before Approaching A Clothing Manufacturer


Plan your collection line-sheet way before you approach a clothing manufacturer. You should be ready with your collection and tech packs. You should also have a target order quantity for each style. Here i am going to tell you an inside tip that nobody ever discloses. Clothing manufacturer set their minimum order quantity based on the fabric MOQ. And if your collection has two or more styles that uses the same fabric then you can negotiate with the factory. You can share the same fabric with multiple styles and reduce the MOQ. To have this planned way before you must work with a tech pack designer who can suggest you the right fabric. A technical designer can help you plan your collection so that you can optimize your profit. Even if you have invested a small amount you can still have a complete collection.


If you are planning to have a technical designer work for you you can hire a freelance fashion designer. And before that you should be ready with your expected styles. This post will help you on ” How to Give Your Style Idea a Shape“. You can read this post and you will have a fair idea how things work. But you still need a technical designer to help you with your technical design. And with all those details in hand you can negotiate with clothing manufacturer.


Clothing manufacturer for start-up Brand to give a kick-start


Brands production capacity and clothing manufacturer’s MOQ is a matter of negotiation. Most of the time there is a deadlock between brands and manufacturers lead to a deal breaker. Over 90% of brands and manufacturers face this and end up with failed business relation. This is because the fail to arrive at a mid point where both end up with an win with situation. Of course in a business you need to be in a win-win situation. When a brand wants to get most out of his least investment the manufacturer is also has some cost to pay. Manufacture has workers to pay and raw materials to source and many other costs to take care. Above all he also needs a small chunk for himself. This is going to be a deadlock if both don’t come to a point that meet at a point where both can agree upon.


Fashion Studio Urban Purple – A Support System for Start-Ups


To meet win-win situation manufacturer and brand has to agree upon some point. There is always ways where both startups can do business with limited investment. And this will not affect the clothing manufacturer’s fair profit margin. At Urban purple we always encourage startups to grow. Bottom line is to empower new brand from start to a profit-making business. We have all necessary infrastructure an apparel brand need to start and grow with us. A fashion design studio and production unit under one roof so that we can expedite the process. Check ” build a clothing brand with minimal Investment” if you want to start your brand. Manufacturer and clothing brand can collaborate and work together for a shared goal. That is optimizing the profit and a fair support price to run the factory. We serve startups with apparel design, tech pack design sampling and manufacturing.


You can get us a tech pack and place a test order to test our capabilities. And if you develop a great level of comfort with us, you’ve found yourself a manufacturing partner. We do not want to advertise our self as the best suited clothing manufacturers. And we understand that the comfort level takes time to develop. We have been working with a lot of brands and there are many brands who continue working with us. Some left us out either because of financial constraints to continue or other reason. Working with a brand or clothing manufacturer is a two way process. So, it needs frequent communication and grater understanding from both end. We can assure you one thing at Urban Purple that is communication will never be an issue with us. You get answer for your queries within 12 hours for sure.


Preparing Yourself For Better Sales and Profit


If you know how brands are engaging consumers and what customers want brands to do, you can boost sales. This is a two way process. When you introduce your clothing style to the customers they may accept it. At the same time its your job to understand what they want. To do this engaging with your customer and knowing their likes and dislikes is important. This also creates a bond between the brand and the customer group. And going forward you will have a customer bank you can relay upon.


We also have solution for those who want apparel tech pack for generic styles. And they do not want to spend a lot of money on technical designers. You can get factory ready tech pack with detailed measurement spec sheet. size chart includes all sizes. Just visit tech pack template store and choose your style and buy it . if you need any support you can reach us through the contact form.


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