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Specific Attributes of Knitwear Designer Collection

Apparel brands without knitwear are incomplete. Knitwear forms the most important part of any collection. Particularly with commercial designs and daily wear apparel knitwear is a must. Fashion brand without a collection of knitwear line does not appeal the fashion buyers. So adding a knitwear collection would give an extra boost to your collection. From here you can understand the importance of Jersey collection and the importance of knitwear designer. Unlike other tech pack designer, Knitwear Designers must have proper experience in handling jersey fabrics.


Knitwear Designer Collection Line-Sheet


Understanding Knitwear Fabric


To become a knitwear designer understanding of jersey fabric is important. Knitwear designer should be aware of G.S.M (grams per centimeter), yarn-count, combing etc. Knitted fabrics come in various varieties. Most prominent of them are cotton knits, Milange, fleece, Interlock, and terry, viscose, pique etc. With every fabric the knitting process and procedures are different. You can know the construction and composition of fabrics with this link. Jersey fabrics come in a tubular form. So the cutting technique is little different from that of woven fabrics. Consumption is calculated with kilograms including the wastage after cutting the fabric. The MOQ of the knitted fabrics mostly goes beyond 30kg. Therefore, the quantity of production for t-shirts and other knitwear styles are usually higher as compared to woven garments.


The best part of knitted garments that it gives us a lot of options to experiment with our creativity. So there is a lot of opportunities for knitwear designers to try and test to showcase their creativity. You get to experiment with lots of printing techniques in knitwear. Other fabrics do not give that much of options. For a knitwear designer, the most important part of knowing are fabrics, printing techniques, washing and dying. So you must have practical experience in this 4 areas. Also for knitwear stitching machines are different. Lock stitch and running stitch machines are rarely used for knitwear garment stitching. Clothing manufacturers use Flat Lock, Overlock, and cylinder bed flat lock machines for stitching t-shirts and other knitwear garment styles. You need to provide special training to tailor to operate those machines.


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