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We have been in fashion tech pack design business for more than 12 years. From my experience i can say 8 out of 10 new fashion labels fail because they don’t follow the process. Most fashion label don’t even do research before entering any business. I can say this because 9 out of 10 inquiries I get from fashion entrepreneurs have no idea what a fashion tech pack is. So its takes quite a time to make them understand what it is before entering any business discussion.


I believe in clarity and want my clients know what they are doing. So I make sure my clients do follow the process and involve themselves in the process. This helps both client and tech pack designer working with them in many ways. Clients get to know how to put their style ideas and this makes work much easier for both of us. However, it is not always possible for personal sessions with every client. So, I request you to read basic guidelines on how to start your clothing line. Also refer to the article on the difference between spec sheet and tech pack.


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It’s always a plus point when you know how to sketch. You can prepare your sketches and send it to a tech pack designer to process fashion tech pack and spec sheet. If you are not good at sketching you may take the help of images from different styles from other online stores. You can explain your idea through images and give your comment. But, its always good to give your own hand made sketch to the technical designer. This shows how serious you are with your business venture. Once you are through with this you can source a tech pack designer to prepare fashion flats. Never go ahead with your tech pack design unless you are sure of the fashion flat sketch. You may end up paying more if you do not take good look and approve the fashion flat sketch.


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Technical clothing designer should assess buyer’s ideas for its feasibility. It is important to confirm whether the sketches are workable for further processing. It is important to make sure the buyer’s idea is factory producible. Once the technical designer confirms he can start the fashion tech pack. Brands should associate technical fashion designer in choosing fashion flats for further processing. Never go for an apparel production without a proper fashion tech pack in hand. You may end up paying much more in production than saving on tech pack design charges. Fashion Studio Urban Purple offers a cluster of services in launching fashion brand. Get in touch with our technical clothing designer for support in building your brand.


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