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Understanding Fashion Technical Sheet ( Tech Pack and Spec Sheet )


Fashion technical sheet often ignored forms the most important aspect of clothing manufacturing. It gives direct instructions to clothing manufacturers on how to produce a garment. Yet, knowing all these importance, apparel brands often try to ignore this step. They approach clothing manufacturers with some rough sketch or picture of a garment style. This wrong approach results in an adverse effect on their final production. Sometimes they get lucky but most of the time they fail to meet what they envisaged. As a technical fashion designer, I would recommend brands to follow the process. It may cost a bit to you for creating fashion technical sheet but the result will always be as per expectation.


Fashion Technical Sheet Technical Clothing Designer


You will find yourself having a difference of opinion with clothing manufacturers at times. This is because clothing manufacturers try to manipulate things that favor their profit margin. They take the liberty to produce them at their wish. Moreover, they can use any material as they wish as they don’t have set of instructions. But, with fashion technical sheet they have to follow instructions given. You can bind clothing manufacturer use materials and process as instructed on tech pack. You may look at the situation as learning opportunity. It doesn’t take a lot to turn a future tense situation into an enjoyable mutual exchange. Provided you are dealing with competent technical clothing designer to support your creative ideas.


What is a Fashion Technical Sheet ( Tech Pack )


Fashion technical sheet is an instruction sheet for manufacturing apparel in a certain process. Tech pack guides clothing manufacturer with process and materials to use for the style. It also guides the process to follow in making the garment. Moreover, it acts as a de facto contract with clothing manufacturer for quality assessment. So, fashion technical sheet is crucial to have before you approach clothing manufacturer. You may get a list of companies creating tech packs for garments with the help of search engines. You can learn more on fashion tech packs and it’s importance through our blogs and websites. Check here to know more about what a fashion technical sheet contents. Also, get in touch with us with your sketches and get a quote for Tech Pack Design and Clothing Manufacturing with one simple step. Just write back to us.

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