Custom Clothing Manufacturing Company Offer Support to Startup Brand

Custom clothing manufacturing company that supports brands with small order is rare. Especially if they are not familiar with brands out of New York, LA or Chicago. This is because reputed brands stationed mostly in the reason of New York, LA or Chicago. Thanks to the internet culture, we see successful street wear brand outside of New York, LA or Chicago. You must be wondering why I am writing this. I got a question from one of my client from a mid sized city Phoenix in The USA. He wanted to know if its possible for a street wear brand to rise to prominence coming from a mid size city? and if a custom clothing manufacturing company give same importance to him as client? LA or NY grants you an easier access to connections in the industry. But you can still create your brand and reach out to customers locally.


Custom Clothing Manufacturing Company


Accessing Budget & Before Approaching a Custom Clothing Manufacturing Company


Most startup brand owners are in a dilemma about how much inventory is OK to drop. Considering you have limited funds, how small is okay to start with? And the next question is How do you know your product will sell? Is there any work beforehand, or it is all luck or guesswork? Well business is not done with luck and guess work nor with questions in mind if you succeed or fail. A brand needs careful and scientific calculations to get a success. I agree there may be some luck and intuition that works sometimes but its not every time. You need to plan very carefully and do your predictions based on concrete data. There are number of platforms which can help you understand whether you are on the right track or not. For example you can post your previews on reddit or book pre-sale event.


Prepare Your Collection Line-Sheet and Prepare Tech Packs


For generic clothing with print or logo placement use blanks or tech pack template. But, if you are going for your own custom design, then you need a professional tech pack designer to support you. Technical designers are expensive and they charge per hour. So, if you are not sure with your ideas and you want to rework then complete it. So, be ready and sure about your collection ideas and sketches before you hire a tech pack designer. This saves billable time and there by save a lot of money. You need the tech pack for sure if you are going for costume apparel. Without this if you are jumping to clothing manufacturing there is risk. There is every chance that you may not get right fit or right look as you thought of. And there will be several corrections in sampling which will cost you almost double.


Custom clothing manufacturing companies will talk only if you have proper tech pack. And those who produce your garments without tech packs have no guarantee. Tech pack gives a formal assurance that final products will match your expectation. And if you are spending a little money on planning your collection there is no harm to it. Rather it will give you some confidence to proceed further and execute production.


Sourcing ideal Custom Clothing Manufacturing Company


Choosing Ideal Factory for Custom Apparel Production is not easy. Because not all factories produce all kind of garments. Usually Clothing manufacturers specialize on one or two types of garments. For example, some factories do only Outer Wear. Some factories specialize in knitted jersey T-Shirts or Hoodies, and some are in to Woven and some in Denim Jeans. So, you need to source factories that are equipped to produce your garment. In this case you need to make a deeper search on factories and source the right factory for your collection. So if you are having different verity of apparel to produce, source more than one factory. It also gives an advantage to you as you are not putting all eggs on one basket.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


Another issue with custom clothing manufacturers is the MOQ constraint. If your styles have specialized fabrics composition, you have to produce fabric. In this case the fabric MOQ is high. You may not need that much fabric as per your ordered quantity. This is not practical for a start-up apparel brand. Start-up apparel brand have smaller order quantity. And If they have any specialized fabric, sourcing is very difficult. Sometimes it’s not possible to get the fabric that the brand wants for the style collection. This becomes an awkward situation for the clothing manufacturer. This can be avoided in many ways. Consult to a technical designer with has industry contact and knowledge of fabric. This way you can have your collection planned before going for sample development.


Export License:


When a clothing manufacturer is dealing with cross country brands need export license. Not all factories have their own export license and they depend on a third party. And the third party charges commission which adds to the cost of the product. You can avoid this by getting a confirmation whether the vendor has export license.


We focus on giving a suitable environment for start-up brands to lunch their first drop. Urban Purple has all the skills, manpower and equipment that a startup needs. We consult and offer our technical design and apparel production service to upcoming clients. Our technical designer help buyers organize their creative ideas and make them practical. We also offer generic tech pack templates through online tech pack template store. So, if you are looking for tech packs that is commonly used by every brand visit our online store. For custom apparel our technical designers offer the best service that a brand needs. You can reach us through our website contact form and we make sure you get a response within 24 hours. So, if you are planning to start your clothing brand wait no more and get in touch with our technical designer team.


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